Why Glasgow is better than Edinburgh

We’re the Hogwarts of Scotland

From the lack of horizontal rain, to actually having some Scottish people in our city, Glasgow beats Edinburgh by miles in tons of categories (even if it’s not necessarily academic reasons, but who needs that shit).

Here’s why we’re better:

Our uni is prettier

Both unis are Russell Group, and both are in the top 1 per cent in the world. But when it comes down to it, Glasgow is prettier: the cloisters, the quadrangles, it’s literally the Hogwarts of Scotland, and Edinburgh’s overly grey exterior can back off.

Just look at it

West coast is better than East coast

It’s true.

We have better nightlife

Seriously, if you break out of the West-End Wanker life and into the big city, you’d see that Glasgow has a ton of nightlife to offer. Why waste your time in some nightclub in Edinburgh, getting massively ripped off with their stupidly overpriced drinks, when you can actually have a great, cheap as fuck time in Scotland’s biggest city? Plus if you don’t fancy breaking out of the West-End, there is always Hive and Viper.

it's THAT good

It’s THAT good

Our drink prices don’t make you take out an extra loan

Seriously. You have to literally save up to be able to afford one night out in this ludicrously expensive city. Glasgow, on the other hand, loves a good £1 drink offer. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, and therefore can apparently charge ridiculous prices for drinks. Nah.

We don’t have horizontal rain

And our wind doesn’t make you blow over backwards. Glasgow is lovely and sheltered, and whilst it rains a ridiculous amount, it is not normally coming at you face first, but at a more normal angle, where your hood can safely protect you from any harm.

The cold and rain still suck though

The cold and rain still suck though

You might actually meet some Scottish people

I mean, there are still tons of English people around, but Edinburgh is 100 per cent the Scottish London. It’s pretty, and it’s very photogenic, but there is a distinct lack of any actual Scots. Bizarre.

The subway will always be better than the tram

What even is the point of the tram anyway?

pure buzzin to get on the subway

Pure buzzin to get on the subway

There aren’t any tourists

I mean, there are probably some. But compared to the capital, Glasgow is free of the pesky humans that ask for directions 24/7 and ask you to take yet another shot of them in front of a generic, touristy building.

We have better music

Seriously, Edinburgh can’t even try and compete with this one. We have the Hydro, King Tut Wah Wah’s Hut, The O2 Academy, the Barrowlands, to name a few. Edinburgh has like none.

People make Glasgow

Isn’t that just the nicest city-slogan ever? Glasgow is notoriously friendly. And we like that. It’s literally been voted the friendliest city in the whole entire world. Edinburgh can’t compete.


Everything happens in Glasgow

Seriously, from the MTV EMA’s, to the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow is host to so many cracking things recently, and for that reason alone, our city is always gonna be better. Why would you want that hour long commute to see things, when you could take the cute wee 10 minute subway journey instead?