What to do you think of the new gender neutral toilets?

We asked you what you think of the uni’s reassigned loos

Following the announcement that two thirds of EUSA venue toilets are to be reassigned as “gender neutral spaces” – with some in place already, we hit campus to get your views on the change.

Alice and Jennie, fouth years, Politics and Social Policy

“We think it’s a great thing. If it makes people feel more comfortable at uni then there is no reason not to have them. We don’t understand the people that don’t think it is a good idea.”

Colin, second year, Psychology

“I am comfortable with the idea, but I feel like it could cause some bad situations, especially when people are drunk. I could understand if girls felt vulnerable.”

Ellen, second year, International Business

“It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I guess you’re so used to being in the different gendered cubicles. As long as there were no urinals it would be ok.”

Eddie, second year, Ancient History

“I thought it was a joke. I actually thought it was a late April Fools joke, until I went to reeling and saw them in Teviot. I think there are other things the uni can do with the money.”

Elizabeth, fourth year, Business

“It feels a bit weird. If I was drunk I probably wouldn’t mind going in one but not normally.”

Georgia, first year, English & Philosophy

“I feel like it could get very messy, both ways.”

Ali, second year, French & Italian

“I have nothing against them, but I think that there should be women’s, men’s and then a separate neutral. I’m worried that there would be drunk guys pestering, and on a night out for a girl, the loos are a haven.”

Harry, second year, Social Anthropology

“I might have to queue.”