There’s a secret tunnel between Crystal Macmillan and the Old Medical School

You just never stop learning

Being a fresher is difficult-there are so many new things to discover, a new city, new buildings, new places, new friends.

By second semester you feel reasonably settled, and sometimes allow yourself a little bit of cockiness as you manoeuvre the Bristo Square redevelopment and make your way back from George Street by yourself.

And then something like this completely throws you off balance. You discover something that changes your life forever.

You may have all known this for years, and I may be realising this far too late but this has transformed my educational experience in Edinburgh.

There is a door…

The door in question

Between Crystal Macmillan and William Robertson ( i.e. the Old Medical School/ HCA building)!

A real live shot of me discovering the door/ transforming my life

I do History and Politics so this is potentially the most useful thing I’ll learn in the next 4 years.