Clubbers of the week: Refreshers’ edition

Time to relive that freshers’ embarrassment

Team, you got stunningly drunk for Refreshers’. You make us so proud… and a little disgusted.

Stunner of the Week

Runners Up

Creeper of the Week

Runners Up

Wankers of the Week

Third Wheel of the Week

ur ruining it m8

Runners Up

Mutant of the Week

Runners Up

Hero of the Week

actual champ

Heroine of the Week

Runners Up

Album Covers of the Week

Who’s the musician?

The Super Villain and The Comedic Relief

Austin Powers and the women

WTFs of the Week

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week

Best of the Rest

Photo Credits

Flare, Love, Chambles: Neil Stewart Photography

Hector’s House, Mansion, Temple: Ben Glasgow: BGM Scotland

Milk, The Sugar Club, Fly Club, Circus: David Wilkinson/Empirical

Broke: Elliot Gilmour Creative

Thirsty, Kono: Anna Velikova

Creme Soda: Matthew Thomas Photography