We asked freshers how many friends they’ve made so far

Quantity over quality

With the term in full swing it’s time for freshers to step back and think about how many lifelong friends they’ve made in the past two weeks, so we headed over to Pollock to find out.

Katrina, Social Anthropology

“I’d like to say about 7”

Jack, Sustainable Development


Dobby, Psychology

“I think maybe 6, I’m a bit shy.”


Max, Architecture

“I don’t wanna sound like I’m lying and I don’t wanna sound like I’m lame, so maybe about 20?”

Fernanda, Biology

“I don’t even know how many Facebook friends I have”

Locki (left) and Ceci, Engineering

“Combined I think maybe 5”

Nina, Maths

“I think 7, maybe 8, wait..9!”

Diana, Geography

“I’d say like 9, yeah, sort of.. wait not that many. I’ve met a lot of people but I wouldn’t say they’re my friends.”

John,  Economics and Maths

“I made friends with yer da coz he wears crocs.”

Belle, Linguistics and Russian

“Well I can’t remember their names, but I told a lot of people I loved them while I was drunk. Does that count?”