Why the Hill is quite simply better than the Bailey

All hail the hill! We’re so much more than the view.

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I'm not going to say I'm a reject (Cambridge didn't want me and neither did Castle), but I didn't exactly choose to walk 25 minutes to Elvet everyday. Nonetheless, here are all the reasons why being on the Hill beats the Bailey.


The most 'architecturally interesting' college in Durham

Look no further than Aidan's' 85 steps for a killer workout. Freshers week was certainly a challenge, but 'you get used to it' is a common phrase when accompanied by Bailey tourists.


They've got space for a hockey pitch. Cuth's doesn't even have space for all its students on the Bailey. Is it just a coincidence that they're amazing at sports? I don't think so. The walk up the hill puts your fitness to the test.


Pretty swanky view of the Cathedral too

Grey by name, not by nature. I've never been but the people certainly live up to this. Plus, they can literally spit on the science site from their bedrooms.


Tinky-winkie, Dipsy, Lala, Po and the Sun Baby

Yeh it's far away and it may look like the Teletubbies, but at JoBo you don't have to eat potatoes. Need I say more?


Who hasn't taken a picture of Mary's in the snow? They have baths… all Durham needs now is a Lush and that would be lush.


Ah algae…

Who needs to walk into town for a pic and mix, when you've Mildert?

They've got it all: ducks, single rooms, and the highest marriage rate in Durham – what more could you want? Even hill-dwellers flock here for their snooker table.


"You've got to find something good to say about Trevs now. That's going to be hard."