Students furious after repeatedly finding faeces on their wall

What a shituation

A group of students living in Claypath woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning. Someone, instead of going to an actual toilet, had relieved themselves on their outside wall. The worst thing about it; it has happened before.

One of the tenants, 3rd year Geography student Anna Elman tells The Tab; "We were baffled when we discovered the first gift, however the second number 2 was less amusing.

"We want a DNA test, potentially a trip to Jeremy Kyle. We hope someone gets the help they need. "

The frustrated students took to Facebook and shared their experience on Overheard at Durham Uni.Their post has gotten over 270 likes and 62 comments so far.

This is not the first time the house of four have had issues. Anna says "We had a homeless man live in our yard over the summer", and goes on to tell us that "A local jumped into our living room via the window to play just dance last weekend. I think it's just the location of the house."

Talk about bad luck.