Can you just stop sharing your results on Facebook thank you very much

This needs to stop.

Posting statuses on Facebook is out. Hardly anyone in possession of self respect does it anymore, and thank God for that!

This decline in Facebook status updates is a good thing, seen as most statuses are about as interesting as reading about fishing policies is.

But boring statuses aren’t the worst kinds of Facebook posts. The worst kind of facebook posts are braggy posts of a particular nature; the “I got my results and I must post them on Facebook” posts.

What is this need people have brag about their achievements (which more often than not aren’t even worth bragging about) to their FB friends?

It’s not like your future employer is likely to be a Facebook friend, or that someone will see your post and think “damn that person is so intelligent, I’m so impressed right now”.

That being said, some results statuses are more pathetic than others, and we especially need to talk about freshers.

YOU’RE A FRESHER, you’re not supposed to do well. And also, first year doesn’t count, so get a life.

You would have thought second years are older and wiser, but evidently there are quite a few hopeless ones among them as well:

Mate, come on.. It’s not even a smart move considering a first in second year doesn’t mean you’ll get a first in third year, and if you don’t get a first in third year the whole thing is just awkward.

There’s one more thing I’ll never be able to understand, ever. WHY oh why would you brag about a 2.1 on Facebook?

Everyone gets a bloody 2.1, but most people have the dignity to enjoy a glass of champagne, be happy, and just leave it at that.

Call your mum, your grandparents, or even your best friend and tell them about your results, but please, I beg you; PLEASE don’t share them on social media!

By all means be proud of yourself, but don’t look to social media for validation.