I let a boy dress me for a night out

…and look what happened

We asked four Durham boys to play Gok Wan and dress their female friends in what they think girls should wear on a night out. They also had the traumatic task of applying make-up…

Giles vs Beth



Shock horror, he went for the heels – a massive Durham no no unless you’re going to  formal and Giles’ wardrobe wonder is perfect for that.

Dressing Beth in a blue-green bodycon dress and nude heels, this was definitely not a dress-up disaster. Although Giles left her legs out (surprise, surprise).

Turns out Giles isn’t the next MAC make-up artist either. He drew on a doll face, with bright red lips, over exaggerated blusher and so much eye-shadow Beth might as well be on the dark side of the moon.

The make-up bag will be left to the Beth from now on.

What Giles likes girls to wear: “A dress which exposes some cleavage”

What Giles thinks of make-up: “Not too much as it make girls look fake”

Tommy vs Jacqui

Tommy is often searching for clothes to borrow

Working his make-up magic

‘I love belly buttons,’ says Tommy.

Not too shabby, Tommy! Textured skirts get a big thumbs up and he teamed it with a pastel blue crop top, (which he mistook for a ‘baby T-shirt’) and statement necklace.

Tommy follows in Giles’ footsteps in flashing the flesh, but Jacqui looks great for a night out on the town.

He went for practicality in his choice of footwear, but we’re not too sure about the ankle boots/no tights look.

The make-up attempt wasn’t horrific, but it seems he opted for the easy option of eyeshadow and an offensively red lipstick. There are other shades of lipstick out there boys; red doesn’t go with everything…

Even so, Jacqui was suitably satisfied: “It’s surprisingly cute for something that was inspired by a pre-twerk era Miley Cyrus video.”

What Tommy likes girls to wear: “Crop tops and elements of the Western/Cowboy look”

What Tommy thinks of make-up: “I love a smokey eye and think red lipstick is sexy.”

Ollie vs Imii

Not impressed


Life in plastic…it’s fantastic?

Ollie got the outfit down to a T when it comes to the oversized denim jacket and black skinny jeans combo, a style we’re all so familiar with in Durham.

With a bright pink crop top, Ollie nearly went full chav, but with the white cut-out shoes, the outfit wasn’t a complete fashion failure.

This hairstyle, though, is exclusively saved for a schoolgirl or ’90s Britney social.

The make-up is a bit shit, too. With foundation lips chavvier than Vicky Pollard and blotchy brown eyeshadow, I’m surprised Ollie isn’t clinically blind.

What Ollie likes girls to wear: “Big jumpers. I don’t like chavvy styles at all (are you sure?) and I’m more towards the ‘posh end’, but not ‘gilet posh’.”

What Ollie thinks about make-up: “I don’t like over the top make-up, I prefer it subtle or without any on at all.”

Dan vs Milena

‘I think the lab coat would look great’

Not sure whether it’s blusher or eyeshadow…

A boys take on ‘going out’ make-up

Dan pulled it off.

Dressing Milena in a must-have LBD and denim jacket, this casual outfit is great for a Durham night out. Ankle boots and bare legs is still a bit of a strange look, but Milena’s legs look great.

It seems Dan really struggled on the make-up front, though. Take note, boys: girls like to look a little bit more done-up to go out, the bare-face lecture look is one to keep for the daytime.

What Dan likes girls to wear: “A smile”

What Dan thinks of make-up: “It’s just a tool to accentuate people’s features.”

So it seems that our boys aren’t awful when it comes to turning out dressed-up girls. Although none of them even dared to attempt the mastery of the smokey eye, eyeliner flicks or the dreaded false lashes.

And what is clearly a must for us girls is skin on show.

Who’d have known?