Bethany Balkham

Bethany Balkham
Durham University


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Best Dressed: DSU Freshers’ Fair

As the new year begins, BETH BALKHAM heads to the DSU Freshers’ Fair to find some of Durham’s most stylish girls.


BETH BALKHAM’s handy guide to all the trends this summer.

How to dress edgy

It seems Durham is emerging as a city of fashion phenomena. Despite ‘rahs’ being the most hated social group, they seem to be springing some rather unusual style sensations in. It seems that ‘edgy’ has travelled to the North, but what does such a word mean?

What to wear when revising

Struggling to keep up with the latest fashion trends this exam period? BETH BALKHAM has the answers.

Around The World In 80 Outfits

Beth Balkham went to Durham’s first International Fashion Show

Style Diary: Amber

We bring you the fourth of our photo diaries of Durham’s most stylish students

Hey Bethany, can we go thrift shopping?

Cheap doesn’t have to mean ugly – BETH BALKHAM creates vintage styles at charity shops.

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We bring you the second of our photo diaries of Durham’s most stylish students…