If it’s good enough for Higgins…

Student lobbyists gathered at the New Inn this morning to call on Durham University to pay the new Living Wage.

This morning at the New Inn both staff and students staged a protest calling on Durham university to pay the Living Wage of £7.65 per hour.

The New Inn, where you can get almost anything for £7.65 (not the Mighty Mixed Grill).

After the Living Wage went up by 20p on 4th November last year, Unison and students have led a campaign asking Durham university to pay at least £7.65 an hour.

Unison obtained figures to show that the university paid about eight per cent of its staff below that rate, despite having a £4.5m underspend on its staffing budget.

FOI revealed that for the past 5 years the university has under spent their staffing budget by a total of £14.9m.

John McDade, Unison Regional Organiser, said “it is disgraceful and shameful that Durham University blatantly refuses to treat their lowest paid employees with some dignity and pay them the Living wage rate. They clearly can afford to pay this they simply choose not to.”

Chris Higgins: trending at the moment.

In addition, the union claims vice-chancellor Professor Chris Higgins makes £290,000.

Part of the University’s statement regarding the Living Wage reads “The University strives to maintain a good reward package for all its staff. The Living Wage campaign takes no account of other benefits which our staff enjoy.”

If Durham University agree to pay the Living Wage then it could affect as many as 597 people.

Durham University Labour Club’s petition to sign is here.