Dunelm Mark II: The Rivalry Begins

Tired of having to cross the road after lectures to get that sweet fix? Look no further than J&R Convenience Stores opening this week.

Durham students are excited about a new convenience store opening this week.

J&R Convenience Stores, located next to Elvet Riverside, looks set to become the new Dunelm. After Popolo’s closure, owner Sanjeev said he saw the ‘To Let’ sign and thought ‘why not?’

Popolo not popular enough.

In such a promising location, J&R Convenience Stores hopes to attract all levels of the student demographic.

One student living in St. Andrews Court said she is excited about the prospect of not having to put a coat on to buy her confectionery: ‘Dunelm is just that little bit too far to go for chocolate.’

From cigarettes to unknown brands, people should never have to walk further than necessary to stock up on the essentials.

The future black hole of all loose change.

For students who walk from town to ER, there is no excuse not to pop in as you won’t even have to wait for the traffic lights to change.

This business venture comes as Sanjeev hopes to expand his convenience store empire, already owning one seven miles out of town. He is currently still busy unpacking but everything should be ready to go by the weekend.

Enjoy the remaining days of willpower.