IKEA in Coventry is closing down for good

It’s the first ever UK store to close

IKEA have just announced plans to close their Coventry store in summer 2020 due to "the changing behaviour of customers in the area".

In a press release, IKEA said that customers preferring to shop in retail parks and online has resulted in visitor numbers decreasing which has led to consistent losses.

It also confirmed it will explore alternative ways for Coventry customers such as collection points which will enable customers to order online and pick up products from convenient places across the city.

Students have expressed sadness at the absolutely gutting news of the store closure. One graduate told The Coventry Tab: "RIP the best part of Coventry. If this happened while I was still at uni I'd have dropped out."

Another student said: "I remember when IKEA first opened and honestly I'm so gutted it's going, it's gonna be so difficult to do the annual uni IKEA haul in September and RIP Swedish meatballs."

It is not yet confirmed what will happen to the IKEA building after the stores closure.

We will update you on this story as we get more information.

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