This Coventry student has been recreating Cole Sprouse’s pretentious Instagram posts and it’s hilarious

This Riverdale superfan takes her appreciation to the next level

Shona is a second year journalism student from Northern Ireland studying at Coventry University.

She's just like the rest of us except she spends her spare time intricately recreating Riverdale and Suite Life of Zack and Cody star Cole Sprouse's Instagram posts.

The Tab Coventry spoke to Shona about her one-woman-mission to get a tweet back from Cole Sprouse.

My first question is why?

Well, everyone wants to go viral. Everyone loves a bit of the spotlight. But I started because I began watching Riverdale and fell in love with Cole’s character, Jughead.

I thought I would tweet him to see if he would tweet me back and after a few weeks I thought he might reply if I tried harder. So I made an Instagram account in the hope that once I develop a bigger album of pictures, he’ll notice me and tweet me back. All I want is a tweet!"

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Is Jughead your favourite character? What is it about him that appeals to you?

"Jughead is absolutely my favourite character. His background is similar to mine in some aspects which I found interesting. Plus he’s a journalist for his high school paper and I’m a journalist too."

Why Cole and not Dylan?

"I love them both but Cole came back into my life through Riverdale and obviously the black hair makes him the tall, dark type – how could I not adore him?!"

What made you come up with this as an idea?

"My friends, Gabriele and Kirsty. I was just going to keep it as a weekly tweet but they thought if I tweeted more and made an Instagram he would see me faster. Gabriele is the photographer and Kirsty edits the pictures."

How long, typically, does it take to finish a picture?

"The taking and editing of a picture is usually quite quick. It’s finding an initial idea and developing it into our own that takes time.

For example, when we did a picture on the stairs it took a long time to set up but we didn’t edit it. When it came to the headshot picture it took quite some time to take pictures, although the editing was fairly quick."

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How much money have you spent on this?

"Nothing! I mimic his outfits with things of my own or my friends that look similar to what he’s wearing and we make our images comical by using what we have."

What's the end goal? Do you think you'll get bored of it?

"I just want a tweet back and once he tweets me back I can develop into mimicking other celebrities I love. I don’t need to go viral, it’s all just a bit of fun."

Shona's Instagram is @shona_does_cole and her Twitter is @ShonaFegan. Give it a follow for more home made Cole Sprouse goodness every Wednesday. Fingers crossed she will eventually get a tweet back.