Cardiff University has released Graduation Day plans for the Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022

The ceremonies will take place in-person at Principality Stadium

Cardiff University has released their plans for the graduation ceremonies which will celebrate the Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

On Thursday 4th March, Cardiff University emailed students detailing the plan for the graduation ceremonies, running through how the day would play out.

The University had previously sent an email in the autumn of 2021, stating that they would be holding in-person graduation ceremonies at Principality Stadium but would release the breakdown of these ceremonies at a later date.

Whilst traditional aspects of graduation ceremonies have remained, including hiring gowns and receiving official photographs, other elements have been introduced which appear to disrupt the usual layout of past graduations.

The ceremonies will now start at 6pm in the evening of July 20th, with students being expected to arrive from 3:30pm. The guests — of which two are free of charge whilst additional guests cost £30 each — will have to arrive from 4:30pm whilst graduates sit in the main area of the Principality Stadium.

Cardiff University has also said that, because “we will be reuniting your entire year group for a single ceremony”, graduates “will not cross the stage” and will instead “stand and celebrate as a School” from their place on the pitch.

Graduates will receive their own ticket, as well as two complimentary tickets, and are able to book more when the portal opens in April. Within this portal, students can also book their gowns, official photography, school reception tickets, and university accommodation should they require it.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Claire Morgan has said: “details of our graduation arrangements will be shared on our website and updated regularly as new information become available.”

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