How Gavin and Stacey characters would react to coronavirus this Christmas

‘Oh My Christ Mick, I’ve forgotten my mask again!’

Coronavirus has affected us all in ways we never could have imagined over the last year. With it nearly being a year since the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, we cant help but think what it would have been like if it had taken place in the current climate. Here’s how we think the characters of our favourite comedy would have reacted to corona at Christmas:

Pam’s abso gutted she can’t go to ju jitsu with fat-no-more Pat

You can guarantee Pam would have been walking around the house in full PPE in order to protect herself. She would not tolerate any rule breaking and has definitely stockpiled hand sanitiser and loo roll. Pam would deffo be tampin’ she can’t go to ju jitsu with fat-no-more Pat, but she’s taken quite well to the Zoom sessions and gets Mick to spend half an hour setting it all up for her. Classic Pam.

gavin and stacey christmas

Luckily, after last year she’s given up the vegetarian charade, but still scoffs a pack of ham on the sly to avoid judgement. Pam and Mick have been getting the deck chairs out of the shed every Friday without fail to sit on the lawn and have a glass of Lambrini with Pete and Dawn.

“Mick! Michael! You better have sung happy birthday twice whilst washing your hands! No exceptions!!” She misses her Little Prince more than anything but is not willing to take any risks.

Oh My Christ rating: 10/10

Vanessa Shannessa Jenkins has lost her job as Barry’s resident Santa

Nessa is relaxed in most situations, but like Pam wouldn’t tolerate rule breaking. You can guarantee she would have been shouting “Oh Stace, I’m not being funny but pull your mask up over your nose.”

She’s still doing those dodgy readings in her caravan under the radar to make some cash for Christmas, because Barry Council won’t let her do the classic sit on Santa’s knee job. Luckily, she’s kept the credit card machine from last Christmas so no Covid risks there.

Ness has told the whole family they won’t even be getting a Celebration chocolate this year because let’s be honest Stace, this year’s been hard enough alri.

Oh My Christ rating: 4/10

Bryn has been writing the Zoom quiz every week without fail

Bryn is almost as stressed as Pam. He would only have left the house once a day for his daily walk but ensured he followed social distancing rules. He stays well beyond two metres from everyone (especially Dick Powell).

He also would have installed a permanent hand sanitiser dispenser outside of his house, because you never can be too careful.

gavin and stacey christmas

Bryn’s home gym is strictly off limits to everyone in Barry, and has been since the Covid announcement in March. He’s refusing to let Smithy stay in the house for Christmas, which has been a shambles in itself, and now there’s a crate of green juices going off in the fridge.

He’s been writing the Zoom quizzes every week without fail, but is struggling a tad with these new technologies, so writes the questions by hand and posts them out to everyone in advance. We love to see it Bryn. The bonus question is always, ‘What’s my name in English?’.

Oh My Christ rating: 9/10

Seth’s been at Pete and Dawn’s the whole time

This crazy couple have had their fair share of ups and downs. Lockdown nearly drove them to a divorce (not that it takes much). They enjoy their Friday night FaceTime with Pam and Mick and can’t wait to be able to get out of the house and have some time away from each other.

Seth returned at the start of lockdown in March for a cheeky threesome, and hasn’t been able to go home since. What a palaver! It’s been a tad awkward because he’s still not so keen on the relationship. That’s one table I would not like to be on on Christmas Day let me tell you.

Oh My Christ rating: 7/10

Mick is the voice of reason, as always

Mick is always the voice of reason in the Shipman household and has had his work cut out for him trying to calm Pam down over the last few months. He calls Gavin everyday to check up on Stacey and the grandkids, and just can’t wait for everything to go back to normal.

gavin and stacey christmas

Mick has been forced to do all the daily errands and the dreaded weekly shop because Pam refuses to leave the house. She’s jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon and the vaccine is simply not happening in the Shipman household.

Oh My Christ rating 2/10

Gwen has been stockpiling eggs since March

Gwen has stockpiled eggs to ensure she never runs out of omelettes, but is generally calm about the whole situation. She misses her family but can see them from a distance as they only live next door. She is also missing bingo with the girls but is generally occupied with being on the phone to Bryn trying to calm his nerves.

Oh My Christ rating: 3/10

Gav is losing his mind working from home

Gav is one of the more chilled out members of the cast. He would have been trying to keep Stacey and the kids calm whilst simultaneously trying to work from a tiny home office with endless distractions from his family. He’s at the end of his tether with this home teaching malarkey, and can be seen having a stress fag in the garden on the hour every hour.

gavin and stacey christmas

Oh My Christ rating: 4/10

Stacey is overthinking everything as per

Stacey is well known for overthinking small things and being a worrier. She would NOT have reacted well to the lockdown news but is happy to have all the family home together and be making the most of this time. Would have to escape to the garden once a day for a socially distanced cuppa with her mum next door. She’s been going wild with the brunches, getting the whole family involved.

Oh My Christ rating: 6/10

Smithy’s gutted he can’t get down The Dolphin with Gav

Smithy is relaxed and calm as usual, his main problem with coronavirus is that he can no longer go down The Dophin with Gav for a catch up and a pint. As he’s on furlough he’s moved in with Nessa so he can be with Neil the Baby – or so he says…

He’s shitting himself with this new lockdown because he hadn’t started the Christmas shopping yet. But at least tin foil isn’t included in the non-essentials, so he can still wrap presents (if he can find any).

Oh My Christ rating: 1/10

We guess we’ll never know how our favourite TV stars reacted to corona, and maybe it’s for the best. All we know is that if the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special had have been this year, then things would have been very different in Barry and Essex.

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