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Which Gavin and Stacey character is your Cardiff University halls?

Oh, Taly South, what’s occurrin?

Being a 15 minute train journey away from Barry Island, us Cardiff students are blessed to be able to visit the home of Uncle Bryn, Dave Coaches, and Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins amongst everyone else on the hit BBC show Gavin and Stacey.

We can visit Marco's Cafe, the square and the arcades whenever we please, and the fact that Cardiff itself features in an episode of the show means similarities are easily drawn between us, our halls and the classic characters of Barry and Billericay. And let's be honest, here at uni we can all relate to either being a Welshy amongst the English, or being English and living in Wales.

Taly Court- Gavin

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You're not quite like the pretentious folk at Taly Gate with their 3/4 beds, but you're not as obnoxiously loud as the people staying in Taly South. Much like how Gavin isn't quite as uptight as his mother Pamela or anywhere near as dramatic as his best friend Smithy; Taly Court is somewhere sandwiched in the middle. The people at Court are pretty rational and calm, there's no crazy parties going on until 4am or heavy house music booming as you walk around, but you can still be fun.

Court folk enjoy hanging out at home in the kitchen as much as Gavin loves staying in Essex with his Mum and hated the idea of moving to Barry as much as you would hate to end up in Taly South. We love you Gavlaaa but maybe you need to liven up a little.

Uni Halls- Stacey

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The one everyone sort of forgets about, but you're actually kind of a big deal. You're literally in the show's title like Uni Halls is literally uni halls. Stacey is pretty much central to the entire show but you don't hear anybody raving about her, likewise, University Halls is actually quite a large and lively accommodation, you just don't tend to hear about it. The halls are nice enough though. But I'm sure anyone who got in to Uni Halls had five other preferences on their list before, just like Stace had five other engagements prior to Gavalar. It's entertaining enough though.

Taly South- Smithy

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Smithy, like Taly South means well most of the time but can't help being loud and over the top dramatic. Taly South makes its voice heard- literally there is usually drum and bass music playing until 4am. The people are outgoing and don't give a damn what anybody else thinks, just like how Smithy is never afraid to voice his opinion, especially when he tells Pete to stop eyeing up his bhunas.

However, Taly South people do look out for others too. They'll always invite you to pre-drinks and share their Fattoush pizza. Similarly, Smithy looks out for the people he cares about (mainly Gavin) and loves a corn on the cob with Nessa. We won't talk about what happened in the toilet with them both though, although it's probably not too far off what South gets up to anyway…

Senghennydd Court- Nessa

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The people at Senghennydd Court, get a bad reputation like Nessa for being rough around the edges, a little bit different and maybe not quite as put together as those in Talybont. But Senghennydd residents much like Nessa, know how to party, even though sometimes they're just happy sitting in with a bucket of KFC observing what's going on around them.

The catered option is an actual lifesaver at times for some folk, similarly to how an omelette from Gwen or a corn on the cob can sort Nessa out in seconds. Living in a large community means the folk there can develop really strong bonds with their housemates that are quite unbreakable, similar to how Nessa can't get enough of Smithy.

Taly North- Uncle Bryn

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The perfect medium of not too wild and not too boring. Your uni halls are not quite as dramatically loud and crazy as your semi-neighbour Taly South, but you still know how to have fun in your own way. Bryn enjoys a less-intense drink (a Cinzano exactly) at the pub and Taly North prefers a less intense noise level but your halls aren't quiet by any means.

The people of North still know how to get plastered at the SU or in Pryzm like Uncle Bryn to the point where you're chundering outside the club entrance, but that's what the chippy is for. Taly North is fun loving, the people mean well and they probably have some cracking parties. It's quite close to the river Taf too so there's always the opportunity for the odd fishing trip…

Taly Gate- Pamela

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Folk at Taly Gate have to keep up appearances when they're living in the big bucks accommodation and will do so much to fit in like Pam who was quite willing to keep eating vegetarian food in front of Stacey and her family for an entire series.

Taly Gate is full of expensive kitchens and big fancy showers; they live the life of luxury. Pam has it all much like people at Gate do, the glamour, the nice living space and strong community values. Gate respects the others in the complex but wouldn't want to be anywhere else, much like Pam can respect how much Stacey loves Barry but you couldn't pay her enough to be staying in Gwen's front room asking for an omelette. Fair play.

Aberconway- Gwen

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The accommodation has a cute feeling about it. It's not a massive halls of residence, it's not too noisy or disastrously quiet, just like Gwen isn't an overwhelming presence on the series but nevertheless, she's there and she's a sweetheart and will pipe up if she needs to. The people at Aberconway aren't necessarily all huge party animals, but they can appreciate a nice night in watching tv shows or talking to their friends they met whilst having a fag at the bus stop outside. Aberconway is all about having a small communal space much like Gwen is about opening up her little house to anybody who needs it. Anybody for an omelette?

Liberty Living- Mick

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Life at Liberty Living is like the mentality of Michael Shipman, pretty chilled out, non-dramatic and just putting up with the rubbish from everyone else. You're having to listen to the Taly folk going on nights out, much like Mick is having to listen to his wife Pam going on at him 24/7. There's all sorts of drama going on around you at Liberty, but the residents there probably just want a quiet life and are much happier that way. Much like Liberty Living, Mick is the middle-ground, he can calm everybody else down and speak logically when he needs to, yet is still a laugh now and again. He's slightly posh but doesn't necessarily think he's better than everyone else and like those at Liberty Living, he has easy access to Tesco when Pam sends him out for a veggie food shop.

Colum Hall- Dave Coaches

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You know, the guy who drives the coach. No, Colum Hall isn't crucial and you're not going to hear anybody raving about how wild it is, but it exists. The people know how to have fun as much as Dave knows too much about the infamous fishing trip, but it's not got the biggest presence of all of the university halls just like Dave isn't exactly a main character- he just makes an appearance every now and then. The pres are smaller at Colum Hall and there's way less people roaming around, it's less chaotic than elsewhere, much like how Dave just sort of does his own thing and see's Nessa every so often- no drama. It could be better, it could be worse, nobody has any majorly significant feelings about it. Sounds an awful lot like Dave Coaches really. The poor guy.

No wonder Nessa went for Smithy.