What Christmas Song is your Cardiff halls?

All I want for Christmas is Taly South tbh

There’s no doubt that everyone has their own associations when listening to Christmas songs – but which famous festive tune screams our beloved Cardiff halls? With near fool proof accuracy, The Cardiff Tab have decided which Christmas songs epitomises your residence halls… so here goes:

TALY SOUTH – All I Want for Christmas Is You

This is the ultimate song that pops to mind when thinking of Christmas, likewise, when you think Taly, you think South. Whether you think South is the ultimate halls or not, you can’t argue with the fact that it is the best known and most hyped-up halls. Like repeatedly hearing Mariah Carrey throughout December is somewhat draining, so is hearing people talk about how great Taly South the WHOLE way through uni. Whether you like South or not, you know you’re always going to have a good time if you go to pres there.No description available.

TALY GATE – Silent Night

No description available.

It’s explicit really: as much as Taly Gate is peng and very tempting, it’s very much a silent night you’re getting. Having a double bed and en-suite (not one of those painful wet rooms) just doesn’t scream student living. Being the furthest Taly from town, it’s definitely the quietest place to be.

A bonus is definitely how easily you can grab a maccies on those hungover days. Be honest, both Gate and silent night radiate rich vibes.

TALY NORTH – Mary’s Boy Child

It just screams traditional and boring doesn’t it? Taly North is everything you expect from uni accommodation. Damp, silverfish, and tiny rooms. I’m not sure how you can justify paying for hot kitchens that don’t have enough seats for the whole flat. The only thing north has going for it is the short trek to the astroturf for 9am hockey training, but other than that it’s just Taly South without the good bits. We guess there’s no denying you’ve got a cosy room?

TALY COURT – Last Christmas

It’s okay we guess? You know Taly Court exists and it’s fairly nice but that’s about it. After a long day of lectures (or shopping), Court is the perfect location… the thought of walking any further is torture!

No description available.

Taly Court has three points of envy: Breakfast bars, circuit laundry (INSIDE the building – as in you don’t have to drag your wash bag through Taly), and Fattoush. Like last Christmas, it definitely has its pros; it’s not necessarily your first choice, but you can’t really complain.

ABERCONWAY HALL – Merry Xmas Everybody

The name just doesn’t ring a bell does it? Until somebody starts talking about Aberconway Hall and explains where it is, you forget about its existence. We’re not even confident more than 10 students live there.. have you seen anybody enter it?

No description available.

If you do business then the location of Aberconway is ideal, if not, there’s some cute benches outside that could sway you. At least the lack of hot water is good for your skin care routine.

UNI HALLS – Mistletoe


It has its positives and its big negatives. Uni halls is just impractical, catching a bus that runs once an hour? No thanks. Everybody has that one friend who’s always late for the bus – It’s just not convenient. However, despite its flaws, uni halls isn’t all bad, it’s social, has big rooms, and hosts great after parties. Like Mistletoe, it screams annoying, but you cant help but love it. Everybody who lives in Uni Halls will defend it until they die- they’re passionate, that’s for sure. Just like Justin.

ROY JENKINS – Fairytale of Newyork

It’s a banger really. Theres not much bad that can be said about Roy Jenkins. Everybody that goes to Roy Jenkins raves about it. Why wouldn’t you? It has all the practicalities: Stag Coffee, Co-Op, and The Crwys all within sight of the main doors.

No description available.

It may not have the same student feeling as Taly, but you’re still near enough to central Cathays to hear all the disruptions that students have to offer. Roy Jenkins has its odd complaints in the same way Fairytale of New York does, but once you get rid of the problems, it’s almost flawless.

CARTWRIGHT COURT – Step Into Christmas 

It’s a good one. When you hear Step into Christmas you can’t stop your head from bopping. Cartwright is a hidden gem, the only time you’ll regret being in Cartwight is if you have training in Taly Sports centre.

No description available.

Sharing a bathroom may not be everybody’s ideal scenario, but when you get the luxury of having a bathtub, its worth the sacrifice. Cartwright always finds a way to keep you busy, usually in the form of a party.  In the words of Elton John “If we can help to entertain you, Oh we will find the ways”, Cartwright will definitely do that.

Senghenedd Court/Hall – Santa Baby

It’s loveable, depending on the scenario. If you love a weekend shop, or popping to Fam Fish, then Senghenedd are the ones. Before COVID-19, the locations of the Senghenedd’s were perfect, SU nights were only stroll away, but in 2020, Senghenedd is serving less purpose.

No description available.

At no fault of its own, it becomes slightly less appealing, but with the right company it is a much better location than most other accommodations. Like Santa Baby, everybody loves to hate it, but deep down, there’s no real resentment.

NORTH COURT (THE OLD LIBERTY) – 8 Days of Christmas 

North Court will give you a rollercoaster of emotion. Happiness, confusion, and disgust. As desirable as the accommodation can look, its regular flooding- not so much. Seeing your belongings swim down the corridor just doesn’t sound like the Uni experience you’d want. But once you get over that little inconvenience, the room sizes, and interior, mixed with the location work well. 8 Days of Christmas and North Court may not be everybody’s favourite, but they serve their purpose.

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