Here we have it: Your ultimate isolation starter pack

You’ve deffo made banana bread

Remember starter packs? Of course you do, who could forget. Even though we’ve all been isolating in our own houses, we all seem to have been doing exactly the same things. So, as we are all beginning to go back to our everyday lives, we decided to make the ultimate isolation starter pack to reflect on what has been a weird few months. Don’t try to deny this isn’t you to a tee.

You’ve definitely made banana bread

Step one of isolation was baking banana bread. You were feeling kinda wholesome, kinda domesticated, and decided that banana bread was the perfect way forward. You definitely put it on your Instagram story with a baking Gif on too, didn’t you? Now, as we are all flocking out of our houses and back to the pub, you’ll probs never think about baking again.

You’ve swapped jeans for joggers

Honestly, who hasn’t? At the beginning, isolation was the perfect opportunity to wear nothing but loungewear and feel snug as a bug for the entire day. You’ve probably invested in your fair share of comfy clothes recently because your originals definitely now have holes in. Two months in, we all started getting fed up of joggers – I didn’t think that was even possible. So instead you dragged the mirror down to your garden to take pics of all your cute outfits.

You did that 5k challenge and hated every second

We admit it, at the beginning of lockdown we were all on a mission to get shreddy. We all took that 5k challenge in our stride, coming to realise that it was a terrible idea and social media trends should be avoided at all costs in the future. We’ve all done the 5k insta story, trying to make yourself look as sweat-less as possible. The proper runners would be sure to include their time in the story, just to make people like me feel even worse.

The bank balance has taken a hit

You’ve been stuck in the house for a few months, and there’s only so much enjoyment banana bread can provide. So you turned to online shopping. It’s gonna take 3 weeks to arrive? Don’t care mate just let me shop. You’ve bought nothing but gymwear and loungewear the entire time, but now it’s time to actually go back outside you’re having a massive panic because you’ve got nothing to wear but that cute fluffy loungewear set. The shopping doesn’t stop there, you’ve been buying anything and everything you can get your hands on. Ooh, a spiraliser? Straight in my basket.

Your phone is your new best friend

At the beginning of isolation, you were kinda enjoying being home. It was all hunky-dory, drinking a lot, playing board games with the fam. Since the second week, this honeymoon period ended abruptly. You now spend the entire day on your phone, and have turned off screen time because it’s too high to bear. There’s no storage left on your phone due to all the loungewear selfies, and tbh you’re ready to trade your phone in for an actual friend now.

I remember when we all liked each other in week one

You’ve cried over the hairdressers closing

Admit it, you’ve all had a little sob over the hairdressers being closed for so long, wondering when you’ll ever look human again. You’ve seen a little too much of your natural nails for a whole year, and are frantically sending DM’s to your nail tech asking when they’re reopening. And as for the eyebrows, well natural is the new style, right?

Or you’ve posted a video getting a shit haircut

We’re seeing a lot of shaved heads at the moment, but others are going for more obscure haircuts, letting their mums go wild. Thank god the hairdressers are open again.

You’ve done a neck and nominate (and regretted it instantly)

There’s nothing quite like necking one of your dads beers on your snap story for 200+ people to see is there? We’ve all been there and it wasn’t pleasant. Thank God the humble neck and nominate died out about a month after isolation started.

the face of pure regret

Your only joy in life are daily deliveries of stuff you definitely don’t need

That PLT yearly next day delivery is both a blessing and a curse, and can guarantee it’s had you ordering far too much despite telling your parents that you’re skint. Sorry mum, I do need another pair of joggers to add to the collection. It’s got to the point where I now stand at the door waiting for my deliveries so my mum can’t see that I’ve ordered anything else. It’s an addiction.

There we have it, your ultimate isolation starter pack. Don’t feel ashamed because we’ve all been doing the exact same thing.

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