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The people have spoken and these are Cardiff’s Top Couples of 2019

Love is in the air in the Diff

There's nothing people love more than a cheeky insight into other's relationships. From loveable romances, to budding bromances and also devoted Uni Wives, going to uni introduces us to a whole crowd of people who were absolute strangers at the very beginning of Freshers'. And with uni coming to an end for another year (and forever for some of us), what better way to end it than with an evaluation of the best couples in Cardiff.

We've searched high and low to get in touch with the students who you thought were the best couples in Cardiff. Through careful consideration, here's a compilation of Cardiff's Top Couples of 2019:

Sophie and Jamie- Housemates

Housemates Sophie and Jamie are kickstarting our ultimate Cardiff Couple's list. They've lived together for two years now and their brother and sisterly love keeps growing and growing.

Having applied to appear on the next season of Come Dine with Me, Sophie and Jamie aren't new to the couple scenario and even jump into one another's beds after a night out, but it's just a cuddle, no funny business (who said a boy and a girl can't be just friends?)

Their friendship has survived the worst kind of betrayal – Jamie got thrown out of Livy on Sophie's birthday night. After an hour of convincing the bouncers to let Jamie back in (and failing miserably), Sophie decided to forgive him and they were back on track in a heartbeat.

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Nothing says love like an SU selfie

Althea and Charlotte- BFFs

Described as the dynamic duo of their course, Althea and Charlotte met at a psychology social in Freshers'- big up the Freshers' ice breakers. They realised they were in the same tutor group and the rest is basically history.

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The Titanic moment says it all

Nathan and Ewan- Ultimate Bromance

Fourth year CPLANers, Nathan and Ewan, met all those years ago during Freshers'. Once, they both stole a trolley together and Ewan wheeled Nathan all the way through Taly to drop him off at his flat. If that doesn't say 'I love you' then I don't know what does.

They're always forcing each other to the pub during deadlines or physically fighting on the kitchen floor – their housemates say they never know what they're going to walk in on.

P.S. They are both single. But does anyone really want to get in the way of such a bromance? I doubt it.

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An actual image of their future wedding pics

Beca and Gwen, formally known as Gweca- Girlfriends

Having known each other since primary school, Gweca definitely know one another inside out. But, their romance blossomed during a trip to Maes B in 2015 when Gwen was 16 and Beca was 17. During the mad few days at Maes B, Gweca was formed through many DMC's and even a random drunk stunt of stealing three doors together. Now that is the true definition of spontaneity – it makes me wonder what those DMC's were really about.

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couples who co-ordinate together, stay together x

Sophie and Ed- Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Picture this- it's the first night of Freshers' and you and your flatmates are pre-ing for a crazy night at Tiger Tiger, ready to take on the madness and single-life of uni. All of a sudden, you're kissing this boy who lives in the flat above and after making it official some time later, they're still your other half a year on. Who knew Tiger Tiger could help you and your love life out so well?

Sophie and Ed are totally loved up – even though Sophie told Ed to change his clothes before meeting his parents (a little harsh but I guess tough love never goes a miss, right?)

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The fleece is always a safe option Ed

Maisy and Maisy- Uni Wives

Twinning it up is the duo Maisy and Maisy. They have made each other's uni experiences and have so many amazing memories together. I mean, if you can't take silly selfies with them then are they even your best friend?

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Abi and Rosie- Uni Wives

Uni Wives Abi and Rosie are utterly devoted to one another, even to the extent they celebrated Valentines together (not just Galentines people). Amongst all of the V day gifts was Marmite, clearly it's all love and no hate in this Uni Wife relationship.

They're both Human Geographers and accompany one another on the killer trek over to the Glamorgan building – the best way to bond is through sharing struggles right?

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Dan and Rachel – Boyfriend and Girlfriend

After meeting in High School, Dan and Rachel were best friends for a few years and with perseverance, he managed to get himself out of the friend zone (congrats Dan). They're both students at USW and love ice hockey – bae is never bae until they share your hobby.

They've been going strong a solid three years and have taken the pledge of living together next year – so cayute.

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So that's our list of Cardiff's Best Couples in 2019. We wish all couples the best and don't forget to include us on your wedding invite lists lol.