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These Cardiff third years dressed as Nessa and Smithy for Halloween

They even went as far as setting up a photoshoot with a Bargain Bucket

There's no doubt about it, every year we're getting more creative with our Halloween costumes. However, this year, two Cardiff third years really did pull out the stops and have officially won Halloween after they partnered up and went as Nessa and Smithy.

Lea who studies English Lit and Gwenllian who studies Psychology at Cardiff Uni impersonated the classic characters from the much loved Gavin and Stacey series by taking fancy dress to the extreme and recreating some classic scenes from the show.

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What's Occurrin?

From Nessa's dragon tattoo, to Smithy's old flip phone, it is clear that the girls have an eye for detail as nothing was missing from their look.

The duo even made sure that KFC was on the cards for dinner so that they could pose for the legendary Bargain Bucket and corn on the cob moment from the show.

After speaking to The Cardiff Tab, the girls have revealed the inspiration behind their decision to go as TV's most popular duo and the efforts and cost they had to spend to recreate the look.

Gwenllian said: "Basically we have Netflix on our TV but because of the dodgy WiFi, the only thing that works properly is Gavin and Stacey. So because we watch it all the time, it seemed like the only reasonable costume to wear."

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Oh, if you want the corn on the cob you av it

According to the duo, Lea shotgunned Nessa because her mum already owned the boots. They pretty much owned most of their outfits already, apart from the Smithy wig, shirt and Nessa's Welsh hat. The Nessa wig was recycled from their friend who went as Mia Wallace the year before and was given a Nessa worthy hair cut.

The girls have also revealed dressing as such iconic characters had its benefits as they got their five minutes of fame whilst out and about in The Diff. Gwenllian has said: "We got tons of people saying how much they liked our costumes and asked to take pictures. A couple of people were even sending pics to their family group chats which was pretty funny."

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However, Lea has said there were some drawbacks to dressing as Nessa and Smithy, as they were heckled in Cathays and weren't allowed to go for a sit down steak or to the casino due to the state of them.

Despite this, both have said they would highly recommend going as Nessa and Smithy for Halloween, and said that one of the best parts was having an excuse to go to KFC for "props".

Either way it's clear that this duo have won Halloween 2018.