Everyone you’ll meet in your first few weeks in Cardiff

OMG you play rugby? Tell me more

Cardiff Uni is a big place with nearly 30,000 students, from all over the world. Each person is different, but let's be honest one of your mates is gonna fall into one of these categories.

Hope it's not the wanna be DJ…

The Welsh one

Meeting her during freshers was the coolest thing in the world. She had a cool accent, seemed super friendly and made more jokes about sheep shagging than there are in Wales. However you now realise that every time you hear her speak in Welsh they are defo bitching about you. I'm not being funny like, but each one some how have links to the cast of Gavin and Stacey, but that Wales Rugby team calendar certainly is welcome in the kitchen. Just hide during the Six Nations when England inevitably win. Tidy.

The gap yah gal

Elephant hareem pants from Ankor Watt? Check.

Coconut oil on every inch of skin and hair? Check.

Crochet bralette? Check.

Choker made from sea shells from a Thai beach? Check.

Tapestry hanging from wall to wall of the tiny Taly North bedroom? Check.

Every inch of this girl is cliche. From the beads in her hair to to the unshaven legs because she just feels so much more free. At least you know that she can whip a mean Thai curry.

The wannabe DJ

He has the biggest speakers in Taly, and everyone will know about it. His house is always gonna be hosting pres, and everyone will probably think it's a biiit too loud but no one is going to say anything as at least your kitchen isn't getting trashed. Problem is, we all want a bit of Beyonce or DJ Khaled, but unfortunately deep house is the only option. At least if you drink to the beat you'll hardly remember the rest of the night at Pryzm.

The medic

Do you know how far away the Heath is? Yes mate we do. And don't worry I do know that you do medicine. I know you're going to be a doctor. Again we know that the course is five years and each day is nine to five.

Don't worry we know you're a medic.

(P.S. when I when I come back from the lash please help me if I'm on the floor dying)

The vegan

They won't tell anyone they are vegan but when they didn't eat the Haribos from Freshers' week, and didn't get a Kebab from Fattoush you knew something was off.

Then it hit you. Vegan. We can never go for lunch. HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT PIZZA?

At least they won't steal your milk.

The rugby lad

You can hear him coming from a mile off. Singing songs that should probably never be sung outside of the social. Stained chinos, green with the sixth of twelve VKs they bought from the night before. Has he told the entirety of his lecture theatre he plays rugby yet? If the protein shaker and tiny top didn't give it away, the bottle of wine and eight cans will.

At least he has a great bum.

The pulling machine

His bedroom seems like a revolving door and you're not entirely sure how he does it. His entire wardrobe is just black fitted tee's and light blue jeans, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. Mainly because he has fit friends that he will introduce you too when he's not sending the 'u up message?' Swings and roundabouts I guess.

The one that went to boarding school but is now edgy af

"Omg yah so like I was at CYNT the other day and it was fucking maaad mate you haave noo idea."

When you met her she seemed so posh it actually hurt. Her family owned an estate, and her phone background were her two very regal puppers. But now she's sashaying around Taly in her 'wavy garms', sipping Red Stripe, ciggy in hand. Don't tell mummy though…

Only three more years to go.