A cheese lover’s paradise: The Tab Cardiff spoke to the USW graduate behind Cardiff’s new cheese café

You won’t brie-lieve what he’s got in store

A new café is opening in Cardiff which is set to attract cheese fanatics across the capital. If you enjoy a good cheese pull and are a pro when it comes to naming your cheeses, then this is likely to become your new go to place to eat.

Munchies, the new café which began business as an online delivery service, will open on July 28th and will be situated on Crwys Road.

Started by USW graduate Jordan Wentzel, Munchies initially produced and delivered sweet treats like brownies, gooey cookies and brioche sandwiches across the Welsh capital. Whilst Munchies will still continue to sell their sweet delights, their new savoury menu dedicated to cheese is deemed to be popular.

The Brioche Sandwich

The new menu, fittingly named ‘Muncheese’ will serve an array of all things cheesy. You can either opt for something simple like a toasted

You can either opt for something simple like a toasted cheese or if you’re feeling extra hungry and camem-bare the cheese overload you may want to try the Five Way Challenge; a whole loaf of bread stuffed with five layers of toasted cheese. Those who can finish the challenge in the quickest amount of time can win a free cheese toasty.

The Muncheese menu also pays tribute to the local area with the names of its cheesy treats. For example ‘the chippy lane’ (chips, cheese, and beans) is named after the infamous Caroline Street in the city centre, whilst the ‘Caerphilly cheese steak’ is a welsh take on the classic Philly cheese steak.

The brie and bacon weave- a match made in heaven

Ahead of the café’s launch, we’ve spoken to Jordan about his recent success with the Munchies delivery service, his inspiration behind the new Muncheese menu and what to expect from the new café.

Firstly, how has Munchies been going?

“I couldn’t have asked for much more really, we started in February and sold out pretty much every weekend for three months. We’ve now had a short break to finish uni and sort the shop out, so we can get ready to get going again.”

What has made you decide to focus on cheese for your new menu? And how have you experimented?

“It was my go to food and there’s so many things you can do to something so simple. In all honesty I’ve been a bit greedy with mainly putting my favourite ingredients on the menu, however, there are some classics as well as unusual things on the menu like The Chippy Lane.”

Which item on the Muncheese menu do you think will be the most popular?

“I think The Return of the Mac will be popular, it’s a cheesy overload but I don’t think anything compares to it!”

Do you think many will be brave enough to take on The Five Way Challenge?

“I’m not sure, it’s harder than you think, a whole loaf of bread is a lot of carbs. However, the challenge is the fastest time it can be eaten in and the times stay set until they’re beaten.”

Crwys road is a student hotspot in the heart of Cathays, did you bare this in mind when you decided to open Munchies here?

“If I’m going to honest I didn’t realise how busy Crwys Road was. It was more the restaurant was the best fit for what I wanted to do. I guess due to how it started it will have a big student following however I don’t want to be restrictive as people of all ages appreciate good food.”

Have students been the main consumers of your online delivery service?

“I was surprised how many non-students ordered, but yes definitely from 11pm onwards it was all students!”

The Muncheese menu can be found alongside the pre-existing menu on the Munchies Facebook page, and you can visit the cafe by the end of this month.