Meet the USW third year opening a late night bakery delivery

It’s called Munchies and it’s opening tomorrow.

Cardiff students with the munchies on a Friday night might just have found their saviour. USW third year Jordan Wentzel is opening Munchies this weekend, a late night bakery delivery service. Ahead of the launch, The Tab had a chat with him to find out more.

How did you come up with the idea for munchies? What inspired you?

I’ve always loved cooking and at one stage wanted to be a chef, but then I found out you work 60+ hours for very little pay. I’ve also wanted to start my own business so bringing the two together is a dream. Inspiration wise, I watch food network constantly, as well as Bake Off, and thought I could be doing this.

I also think there’s a real gap in the market for munchies. Sure you get delivery desserts but it’s all mass produced rubbish. We make everything by hand and constantly develop our recipes to ensure you get the best treats around!

Jordan makes all his products by hand

What inspired the name?

I believe that the name talks for itself.

Have you always baked? Have there been any kitchen disasters?

As I mentioned I love cooking, but didn’t bake that much. Now I’m baking weekly to perfect the recipes! Thankfully no disasters yet -touch wood.

What are your specialities?

I think our cookies are really going to set us apart but everything we make is special!

You’re delivering on Friday nights. Do you hope to become a saviour of the sesh?

Hopefully midnight treats no longer require a debate on where to order or someone having to trek to the shops…go to our website and you’re sorted.

Once we’ve been open a bit we’re going to expand our menu and opening times. We never said our treats had to be sweet, so something savoury on a Saturday morning may be more appreciated.

Tell us more about your ‘can and cookie’ initiative.

With every order you’ll have the option to purchase a ‘can and a cookie’. We will then deliver these to our homeless friends in Cardiff. We hope this will at least bring a bit of happiness to those in an awful situation. We’ll also let you know who we’ve dropped your can and cookie off to so you could say hello next time you see them!

During our interview, Jordan lets me sample some of the Munchies goods. I eat far more of the brownies, muffins, and cookies than I should. Best of the bunch is the salted caramel blondie brownie.

It’s clear the effort that has gone into creating the range of treats, and it pays off spectacularly. Come 1am, I could see how these could really come into their own.

Munchies opens this Friday, 3rd February. They deliver from 7pm – 2am on Fridays, 12pm to 4pm and 7pm to 2am on Saturday, and 12pm to 4pm and 7pm to 12am on Sundays.

Their menu can be found on their website, and orders can be placed online at

Tab readers can use the code thetabhasthemunchies for free delivery.