A love letter to Revs’ neverending shot menu

The midweek dream

REVS, REVS, REVS, I hear you cry.

In every lecture, from Ancient History to Zoology, those immortal words are uttered every Tuesday morning. The glitz and glam of everyone dressing up. There’s not a toga in sight, rather, top of the range heels, crisply ironed oxford shirts, and the freshest creps money can buy.

Opposite the Castle, Revs Tuesday is the highlight of your week. But why?

It’s got to be down to those flavoured shots.

All the flavours

All the flavours

If you like vodka, Revs is just the place to go. Its sheer selection is bewildering. Holding 26 different flavours – you knock them back and then some. A stick of 6 will cost you £1.50 a shot.

With flavours from “Very Cherry” to “Grandpa’s Favourite Mint”, everyone will have a favourite. Although as a consensus it does seem White Chocolate to be everyone’s flavour of choice. Personally, I like a foray into the pancake syrup flavour because for some reason it’s not quite socially acceptable to take a shot of Maple syrup at 10am. Luckily at Revs it is no longer an issue.

This is what you came for

This is what you came for

If you’re not fancying the shots, for £3.00 you could bag yourself a double vodka and a mixer (and possibly a date for the night if you play your cards right). Revs is unique in this way, rather than smashing down the VKs with the lads, or a cheeky Mojito on a Saturday night, the simplicity of knocking back a shot of vodka never ceases to make the night more entertaining.

It doesn’t matter which floor you’re on, whether you’re shaking your hips away to Drake on the R&B floor, or grinding upstairs to Calvin Harris, everyone will take solace in Revs’ vodka shots. Pacing yourself is the biggest issue of the night as you will doubtless want to try all the shots on offer.

The memories will be blurry, and the Wednesday morning lecture may leave you with more regrets than you anticipated. Yet still, we love you Revs, the music, the atmosphere but mainly because you make vodka palatable.