House of seven boys threatened with £5,000 fine after 37 noise complaints in one night

The police raided their house because of the noise

A house of seven boys living in Cathays received warning letters from Cardiff City Council following a series of mad house parties.

The Rhymney Terrace house received a letter claiming that there had been evidence of “loud amplified music” and that this was a violation of Part III of the Environmental Protection Act [1990].



Then second year Ioan admitted that they had been having parties on a weekly basis. He told The Tab Cardiff: “Once we had 37 complaints in one night, it’s weird though because we are surrounded by students. Two police cars came up and raided the house because of the noise.”

The council threatened the boys with a fine of £5,000 and the removal of their speakers. The letter also reminded them at they are “responsible for the behaviour of any guests at the property”. Although the house of seven didn’t have to pay the fine this time, if they were presented with a letter again they would have had to pay up to £5000 each time the notice is breached.


One night they received 37 complaints

Business student Ioan further commented: “We had two 600 watt speakers, but we had to put them in someone else’s house because we can’t even host pre-drinks anymore. For Shang, we usually have around 30 people for pre drinks, but it’s the after parties which get out of hand, we’ve had over 140 people at one time. We mostly get complaints because the parties usually start after 4/5am.”

The after-parties usually host local DJs from the Purrmotions and Mi Casa nights.

Because of the notice, the group had to cancel their next event, which was to be an after party after Nina Kraviz’s set at The Vaults. Ioan said: “There was meant to be a massive after party this Saturday, but this has obviously stopped it. It has been planned for a few months.”