What’s the worst thing about Cardiff?

What needs to change? Help us build a better city.

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Cardiff’s a laugh. Lots of students, a good night out, a decent education (seriously) can all be found here. We’ve even got a couple of nice parks and an ok amount of shops in town.

But you know The Tab. We’re never happy. Now we’re on a mission to find the worst thing in Cardiff and we want your help to do it.

Initial research suggests the weather might well be the least endearing thing about our town. Some quick googling shows that Cardiff is right up there among the UK’s rainiest cities. 100mm of rain a month, anyone?

No one wants a mouldy gaff

But what about things a little more city-specific. It rains all over Wales.

How about the queue outside Revs on a Tuesday? Or the fact there’s mould in nearly every single Cathays house? The letting agencies aren’t too great either.

So dear Tab readers, get stuck into the comments below and let us know what you think. Once we’ve got a few suggestions, we’ll draw up a shortlist. And once we’ve drawn up the shortlist, you can have a vote. Then we’ll crown the worst thing about this town with the most dubious of honours.

Help The Tab  build a better city!