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Here’s what Cardiff’s international students think about the US Abortion Laws

Everything you need to know about the US Abortion Laws, and what the US Cardiff students think about it.

Cardiff’s top 5 alumni

The Tab brings you Cardiff’s cream of the crop, 5 of our tippety-top most recognisable graduates

Post-Year-Abroad Syndrome

The language, the roads and the home comforts all require some readjustment

Five dates, five days…

The infamous Clare goes on five blind dates in a desperate search for ‘the one’. She reports back for The Tab… Check it out to see how she got on!

Stalkers Beware!

Procrastinating students’ favourite hobby, Facebook stalking, may be at an end.

Slorpe’s Top Five: Sins Of Social Media

Sam Thorpe is here to help you stay classy online.

A man adrift

Duncan Griffiths muses over the good old days of Cathays, and the ridiculous amount of letting agencies that we simply can’t escape from…

Review: SWN Festival

Sophie Epstein gives her verdict on this year’s SWN Festival.

The Tab Tries: Hangover Cure

Tab man Logan Jory tried a bytox hangover prevention patch and here’s his verdict.

Vote: what’s the worst thing about Cardiff?

Dear readers, help us build a better city (you can’t vote for The Tab though)

Review: Julius Caesar

The Tab checked out the RSC’s touring production of Julius Caesar…

The Tab meets: Elin Huws

She’s the biggest name in netball…

DIY Halloween

Having trouble with the annual nightmare that is Halloween fancy dress? Here’s some ideas you can use…

What’s the worst thing about Cardiff?

What needs to change? Help us build a better city.