Cardiff’s top 5 alumni

The Tab brings you Cardiff’s cream of the crop, 5 of our tippety-top most recognisable graduates

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Being a well-respected Russell group university, we would expect the pool of our notable alumni to be overflowing, and evidently- it is. Here are the five of the greatest people to have walked the halls of our beloved Uni, and probably the Taf too.

 1. Huw Edwards

Everyone and their dog has heard the dulcet tones of this Welsh gem broadcast throughout the country of a weeknight. Newsreader and journalist for the BBC News at Ten studied French and did his post-grad in Medieval French at Cardiff. Trés bien.

 2. Nathan Cleverly

Nathan Cleverly cleverly graduated with a Maths degree, became the European, British and Commonwealth light heavyweight boxing champion and the WBO light heavyweight world champ all by the age of 23. Clever.

3. Siân Lloyd

Weather girl extraordinaire Siân graduated from Cardiff with a first in Welsh. She was also engaged to Lembit Öpik, that politician guy who subsequently went out that one from The Cheeky Girls. Tough luck there.

 4. Paul Terry

If you don’t recognise this young fellow, you may know him by another name: James. Think giant. Think peach. Yes lads we have a movie star in our midst. Well, had. He also came third on one episode of The Weakest Link. Peachy.

 5. Nimrod Ping

RIPping name

RIPping name

Maybe not the most famous of the bunch but Nimrod has by FAR the best name out of perhaps every Cardiff graduate. Ever. Other achievements include an architecture degree, designing a Brighton Sainsbury’s, being one of the first openly gay councillors in Britain and appearing on Jeopardy. ImPRESSive. Sadly, Ping died in 2006 due to hepatitis related liver failure. May he rest in peace.

There you have it. Cardiff may not have the largest collection of famous graduates, but boy do we have some fab z-listers with brilliant names. Something to aspire to I’d say.