Cambridge Uni students proven to be in the top 10 most attractive, new data reveals

University of Cambridge ranks ninth in terms of student looks

The results are in! Unifresher has collated the data, and University of Cambridge students officially rank in the top 10 universities with the most attractive students. London universities topped the charts with the top two places going to UCL and Imperial respectively and Cardiff came in a close third place.

University of Cambridge students ranked ninth in the UK with the University of Oxford coming in six places later at number fifteen. After Oxford beat Cambridge to come second place in the Guardian rankings this year, this serves as a reminder that maybe, after all, looks are everything.

St Andrews came in at 23rd place, indicating that its number 1 spot on the Guardian league table must be genuinely down to quality rather than appearances.

After @yourfreshersguide revealed the news through an Instagram Reel, one Cambridge student commented that Cambridge couldn’t possibly have ranked in the top five because “we all look dead”.

Another commenter pointed out that these results could potentially sway students’ UCAS choices this year and worried that this could lead to applicants being disappointed with the looks of their cohorts.

Speaking to the Tab, one NatSci student claimed that London universities produce more attractive students due to their hard water, which contains higher levels of minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. However, Cambridge does also have hard water along with the majority of UK households and so the Tab doubts that this is a direct correlation.

So next time you’re considering dropping Cambridge dating altogether, remember: The fish in the sea here are the ninth most attractive you’re going to get.

Featured image credits: Eleanor Lewis

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