Cambridge University tops the list of most Instagrammable universities in the UK

Another ranking where the University of Cambridge comes out ahead of O*ford


The University of Cambridge undeniably beat the University of Oxford, claiming the top spot in a recent ‘Instagrammability’ study conducted by cybersecurity experts from VPNOverview. It recorded, an impressive 184,963 instances of being hashtagged in public posts, beating out 100 other top ranking universities across the UK.

Image credits: LT Stockmann

This was 21,518 more hashtags than the University of Oxford, as of 6th September 2023.  Coventry University secured third place with 161,538 hashtags. Together, Oxford and Cambridge dominated the competition holding a 9.4% of all hashtags recorded in the study.

Image Credits: Keira Quirk

A spokesman for VPNOverview also revealed that the “University of Cambridge receives 1.3 million searches each year worldwide, with America and India accounting for nearly half of all searches.” Unfortunately, statistics for the number of searches received by the University of Oxford were not mentioned.

Here is the list of the top 10 most hashtagged universities:

Image Credits: VPNOverview

An English Fresher shared their perspective stating  “Without a doubt, Cambridge is more stunning than Oxford. I mean, have you seen the Kings Chapel?”.

The interior of King’s Chapel. Truly awe-inspiring and a must visit. (Image credits: Izzy Porter)

So there we have it, unsurprisingly, Cambridge is officially better than Oxford.

Featured Image Credits: Matilda Head


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