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It’s week five. Your brain is rainbow wheeling and you’ve been exposed to about five times more blue light than daylight. It’s time to rest those weary eyes and dream up a suitably cool ‘fit’ for ARCSOC’s first collab of the year: GLITCH ft. Slipped Disc on Sunday 14th November.

As always, dressing up is a major part of attending ARCSOC events, and I’m back to spam you with all the glitchiest outfit inspo my Pinterest board could muster.

Blockbuster Beauty

If you’re the type to lean into their ‘main character energy’ why not reference some classic Sci-Fi? Show off your figure an Ex Machina bodysuit or your engineering skills in a light-up Tron ensemble. If a working VR headset seems a little ambitious, there’s nothing wrong with some shades and a black trench for the ever-appropriate Neo look.

Costume Co via YouTube

Movieclips via YouTube

Voices Film via the Creative Commons License

Girlboss, Gatekeep, Gamer

Who else but the Cambridge club scene would hand such a large group of nerds such a perfect opportunity to cosplay on main? Not only is there an endless amount of video games to be inspired by, but there’s a real range of just weird, to very ambitious, to blatantly just sexy, that I personally find hilarious. Slutty Pikachu, anyone?

New-Age Nikki Tutorials

There’s a lot that can be done with a bit of makeup magic. Try some special effects to distort your features and trick the camera. Bang on a YouTube tutorial and remember: it’s not about looking cute, it’s about looking edgy.

MissClaudiaMakeup via YouTube

Mirakitze via YouTube

Syos world via YouTube

The Accessory Algorithm 

Glitch is about the chrome, the reflective, the lights, the angles, the headwear that definitely won’t survive the raving. As you might be able to tell, I’m particularly taken with a visor. There’s a lot of scope for imaginative accessories so be creative! “Techwear,” “Glitchcore,” “Retrofuturism.” All terms that I’ve now become accustomed to because of this article. Plug any into google if you think you could do with even more inspiration.

Visionare via YouTube

The List Show TV via YouTube

Bonus: Double Vision

For all those BFFs, a cute couples suggestion: why not create a glitch in the mainframe and bring a clone? You’ll have everyone double-taking when they catch you at the bar and your double on the dance floor. In fact, why limit it to two? Assert your dominance as a friendship group by occupying MASH in style

Dua Lipa via YouTube


Hopefully, I’ve given you the boost you need to Dress To Impress this Sunday. Now pack up the reading, start practising your robot and get ready… to GLITCH.

ARCSOC is the Cambridge University Architecture Society. If you missed out on GLITCH tickets, there are limited tickets on the door from 10 -11 pm on the 14th. Follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates and ents.

Feature image credits: Cambridge ArcSoc

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