Top 10 creative ways to beat boredom

Want to get those creative juices flowing? Give these ten tips a go….

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We’re all meant to be in Cambridge right now, balls-deep in hard work. I’m sure we all miss breaking down in front of our DoS because we’ve done absolutely zero work over the vac, getting smashed on the first Wednesday Cindies of term, and pulling serial all-nighters…

These are truly exceptional GCSE-History-question-worthy times that we’re living in. We’ve all been affected by Coronavirus in some way and my heart goes out to all those who’ve suffered and those helping to combat this. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Here’s how YOU can beat lockdown boredom…

1) Revamping clothes

I’ve painted so many clothes; it’s like buying a new item but budget-friendly! Consider adding badges, ironing on patches, cutting rips into your jeans, or tearing trousers into shorts. I personally suggest buying some alphabet stamps!

I’ve painted the back pockets of my friends’ jeans for a real booty pop.

2) Draw

Use old and recycled materials such as newspapers, or even those discarded lecture notes from three years ago. Got dusty books in the attic that your mother was going to throw away? Cardboard? I’ve taken to drawing in a 220 year old manuscript, which I’ve been selling to raise money for a children’s hospital. I’ve raised over £1800 so far!

I am still taking commissions, so feel free to get in touch here.

3) Get musical

Make playlists for different moods! I’ve got playlists for everything: my wedding set, the dinner party I’m going to host for my 25th birthday, 90’s throwbacks etc.

Leo Appel is streaming live concerts on Facebook. Here’s the musical family’s celebration for their grandfather’s 80th.

Maybe you’re a talented musician! Get involved with exciting new music ventures such as Prospect 100’s first young music award.  There are BIG prizes just for entering.

4) Cook

Food photography tip: a plain background and a couple of lights can go a long way.

No buttery. No formals. This is your time to experiment. Use those unconventional ingredients, and make the most of leftovers. There’s tonnes of recipes and tutorials online to get into, or you could just improvise.

5) Paint things

You could paint something big, like a mural. Or, if you’re not that confident, try the inside panel of a wardrobe door – that way if it goes wrong, you can hide it! Even small art projects (like painting door knobs, handles on side cabinets or even kitchen cupboards) can give you a lot of space for creativity!

6) Gardening

Time to revive your garden! This could range from cleaning up your green space to growing all sorts of things.

You don’t want to see the “before” pic of my garden…

If you don’t have a garden, create an indoor one. A wall garden could be a really fun project, or for a more minimalist look you could buy a few house plants! Cacti are particularly great as they require minimal effort to maintain.

7) Hair

This is a quarantine must. No excuses. Go to town.

The various stages my hair has gone through!

8) Write letters and send postcards

Wherever we may be, one thing’s for certain; we are all missing our friends or someone special. Write to them or send them a postcard from wherever in the world you may find yourself. It’s sweet, vintage and carries much more weight (literally) than a text.

9) Start an Instagram/blog

I’ve taken the time to start two Instagram accounts. One of these is an art account, featuring different pieces by Cambridge students.

via instagram: @cambridgeuni_arts/

I also made an architectural photography account. Since we can’t go on actual photo shoots, try and keep an eye out for beautiful moments on your once-a-day outing. There’s bound to be something that’ll catch your eye. Post these images to track your journey and you’ll soon write a beautiful story.

via instagram: @akarchitecturexx

10) Start a journal

Lastly, you could try keeping a creative journal and jot down a line or two every day. Doodle, sketch, swatch a few lipstick shades – whatever floats your boat! And by the time this hellish nightmare is over, you’ll have a gin-stained memento to remember it by.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it! It can be really hard to stay motivated in lockdown, so getting creative can help the time pass by and keep spirits up.

Feature Image Credit: Abdullah Khan