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RAG LOST 2019: Liveblog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

We're back again for another year of LOST, and our teams have just been dropped off in Leamington Spa! (Rogue.) They have 24 hours to make it back to Cambridge without spending any of their own money, while completing as many challenges as possible, all in the name of charity. We'll keep you updated on their progress here, so stay tuned and don't forget to donate to RAG's wonderful charities through this link:


I'm exhausted and I'm not even involved, so I can't imagine how the teams feel. As they all start to make their way home we've received plenty of images of various challenges, so here are some Jacks and Roses.

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This has to be the most flatteringly lit Morrison's I've ever seen. Is that a WOODEN FLOOR?

Weather appropriately bleak.


Team ten are doing a conga in a supermarket. Truly we live in remarkable times.

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Team seven have found a Christmas tree – and a bonus Christmas market!


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Team three have dyed their hair in a bus station and got two new tattoos! Dedication.


Team seven have talked their way into a first class carriage!

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Team seven in a police car!

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I don't think this is post-arrest?


Half of team three and a cute dog!

They also found the word rag in another word on a Body Shop bottle but I don't know if people really need the proof of that one.

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Team eight have been pretty busy: here's them singing High School Musical with strangers. I am beginning to think the other teams have been tragically lost.


Team eight have bagged a manicure!

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They were also spotted terrorising another uni (this is Warwick) and gave a lecture!

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Unsure on Warwick's RAG logo, really.

Team 7 have found a bald man! Good for them.

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Team 3 posing in front of graffiti!

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I assume this is a challenge?


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Team 6 doing cartwheels in a field.


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What are they recreating???

Team 6 recreating a picture in an art gallery (where has the cardboard come from!)


Team 3 are washing cars – 15 points closer to those Law Ball tickets…

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She looks dead pleased to be there, doesn't she?


The first updates from the teams!

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The coordination!

Team 8 came prepared with matching costumes AND signs. Not sure where the Tigger inspiration came from though.

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Team nine may be hard to miss with those Fame-inspired headbands.

Here's the teams gathered bright and early…

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Personally I am distracted by how nice the sky looks.