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Paris photoshoot: Turning market square into a Parisian café

Evelina Gumileva’s beautiful Parisian photoshoot in Cambridge

Cambridge editorial fashion shoot paris paris fashion photoshoot

You don't need to get on the Eurostar to experience Paris; in Evelina Gumileva's shoot, its magic has been captured right here in Cambridge.

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Models Michael, Grace, Nancy, and Hennie pose amongst the stalls of market square that become the streets of Paris.

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Q: Why did you choose Paris as a theme?

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A: I went past one cafe close to Medwards and it reminded me of Paris . Then I thought about various places in Cambridge and realised it has such a Paris vibe; with certain clothes style you could feel like you were in Paris.

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Q: Any difficulties with shooting?

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A: All of the photos were on a new bought hard drive that got crushed, so I needed to recover photos from the SD card. Sadly, many of the photos were lost.

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