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Paris photoshoot: Turning market square into a Parisian café

Evelina Gumileva’s beautiful Parisian photoshoot in Cambridge

Je suis Ankara? Non, merci.

Why we shouldn’t be using empty hashtags to show the world we empathise with Turkey

JE SUIS ANKARA: Hennessy launches campaign for Facebook filter “to tackle Western hypocrisy”

No Facebook filters, no weeping BBC reporters for non-European victims – now these Cantabs demand we start caring about terrorist attacks all around the world.

Why I changed my profile picture to the French flag and why you should too

Decrying those who changed their profile picture to a French flag is lazy, lacking in empathy and at worst another form of the very ‘slacktivism’ you are criticising.

We’ll always have Paris

Drop revision and join The Tab as we escape to Paris with model Clotilde Boudet.

Le Week-End

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is happy to report that not all films about old people in Paris end in assisted suicide. Even more encouragingly, this one features Jim Broadbent smoking the ganja.

A Day In The Life Of A Tourist

ADRIAN GRAY discovers what it’s like to spend a day as a tourist in Cambridge and puts some very patient porters to the test.


The French do love better than us. LEAF ARBUTHNOT has devised a Gallic spread to help you seduce that special someone.

That Shit Crepe

It’s Pancake Day! Not satisfied with your standard lemon-and-sugar, kitchen guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT displays an impressive knowledge of posh pancakes.

il faut que je sois

King’s Art Centre delivers a vision with precision for RUTH MARINER.

The Tattler

Will The Tattler find amour at a RAG night of love. Off to Paris to find out…

Beginning, Middle, End

LEO PARKER-REES’ one-night stand ends happily but isn’t quite true love.

Ooh La La! Cam Love Site Offers Trip To Paris

Love site Beginning, Middle, End reveals its final stage today – read the exciting, romantic conclusions here first.

Jonny Walker

New columnist JONNY WALKER asks how he ended up in Nero CostaBucks in Cambridge: “What led me towards this idle pursuit of padded furniture when everyone else is pursuing training contracts and grad schemes?”

Tab Travel: Winter Break in Europe

ANNA SHEINMAN looks forward to the Christmas holidays with three ideas for winter city breaks on the cheap. Read here for her suggestions.

The Golden Apple

LUCIE ELVEN, SYLVIA CHRISTIE, ALIX DAY and KRYSH PARKER star in this grecian themed Tab shoot.

Interrailing Made Easy

SUZANNE BURLTON offers her Interrailing pearls of wisdom, minimising the organisation you need to do independently.

Paris <3 Christmas Trees