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Sophie Coldicott
Cambridge University


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CUSU emergency motion against Justice for Men and Boys

The motion “[opposes] the decision to allow J4MB to hold an event on departmental university premises”

CUSU put forward plans to dissolve Graduate and Undergraduate unions and create joint union

The measure hopes to increase postgraduate inclusion in the union

Strippers, coffins, and black arm bands: how Cambridge reacted to the admission of female students

Cambridge University’s shocking history with the admission of women

The strange saga of the cancellation of St Edmund’s May Ball

The committee were said to be in ‘shambles’

Student petition launched to reinstate Jordan Peterson’s fellowship

The anonymous Google form has been circulating Facebook

Zero Carbon Boat Race Protest intercepted by the police

Police prevent peaceful banner drop at Hammersmith bridge

BREAKING: Cambridge University offers and revokes Jordan Peterson a visiting fellowship

The university has rescinded the offer after review

Mental health and the Pill

A 2017 survey showed that 45 per cent of people on the Pill experienced depression whilst taking it

Paris photoshoot: Turning market square into a Parisian café

Evelina Gumileva’s beautiful Parisian photoshoot in Cambridge

Aldi or Sainsbury’s?: Aldi photo shoot

Evelina Gumileva’s gorgeous photoshoot in Aldi

Academia has never looked so good

Evelina Gumileva breaks the rules with her stunning photoshoot in the University Library

What to wear to Arcsoc: Penrose Palace

Believe your eyes: Arcsoc is back

The importance of ethical fashion

How to buy and consume clothing responsibly on a student budget

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How to spice up your uni room

Original ways to make your uni room feel like home

Arcsoc is Watching You, so dress to impress

Inspiration for what to wear to the waviest night out of term

A Beginner’s Guide to Depop

AKA how to impress everyone else in the smoking area