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Academia has never looked so good

Evelina Gumileva breaks the rules with her stunning photoshoot in the University Library

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When you think of the University Library, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't fashion. However, in Evelina Gumileva's latest shoot, she transforms the dour UL into the glamorous setting for her photography. Models Ollie, Annabelle, and Rose posed in between long forgotten bookshelves across the UL whilst decked out in their finery.

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Q: Why did you choose the UL?

A: "Have you ever seen a shoot there? That's why."

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Q: What was the inspiration behind the shoot?

A:"I wanted to use the locations I had in mind and create something unusual with them. Breaking rules and collaborating with models who are willing to perform certain movements and poses is a great feeling."

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Q: Did you encounter any problems with shooting in the UL?

A: "Oh yes, that was funny. Obviously on the website they write that no cameras are allowed. Ollie (one of the models ) wore a coat with huge pockets, allowing us to sneak a camera in."

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"The librarians were a bit suspicious looking at us: imagine a fashionable looking group not studying in UL, rather just wandering around. I also wanted to take some pictures in the courtyard area outside although Ollie prevented me doing that incase we got caught and asked to delete all of our hard work!"

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Strikingly beautiful – the long corridors and dusty bookshelves of the UL have never been so appealing. Get me to the library now!