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Caius Economics fellow protests NAKED* in viral video

…*well, wearing nothing but £70

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Dr. Victoria Bateman has broken the internet to get a strong message across : "Economists need to take feminism much more seriously."

The video, which has been circulating in the last 24 hours, begins with Dr. Bateman explaining that she has just arrived back from a conference at the Office of National Statistics, titled "Feminism Meets Economics."

She adds that she is dressed in the video how she was dressed for the conference, in an outfit of sparse £20 and £5 notes.

Dr. Bateman goes on to describe this decision as owing to "the power of art", a combination of the "my body my choice" movement and the "symbol of economics", drawing attention to her ironic placement of the £20 note, which features the face of Adam Smith, "the father of economics".

"Until economists choose to take feminism seriously, women's rights are under threat at large, including those of sex workers and women across the world to access birth control", she said.

This is not the first time Dr. Bateman has used this method of protest. Following the result of the EU referendum, she showed up to a faculty meeting unclothed and with "BREXIT LEAVES BRITAIN NAKED" written across her body.

She concludes the video with a final message: "Economics needs to become intimately familiar with modern day feminism if we are to make progress."