REVEALED: Cambridge’s Best Bum

You voted in your thousands, but who cracked it to the top spot?

VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2016

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BEST BUMS 2016 IS HERE: Do you have Cambridge’s perkiest peach?

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Cambridge Blues bare all in RAG charity calendar

Blue balls out for charity

Fellow walked NAKED into Faculty meeting in Brexit protest

Dr Victoria Bateman took time out of drawing graphs to put on a graphic display for her fellow economics faculty members.

The ADC set is the most insufferable scene in Cambridge

Our ADC insider dishes the dirt

Thespia Marlowe

Saucy cycle cums to Cambridge

A bike race hoping to ignite the sexual passions of many a pedaler is set to take Cambridge by storm

End exams in three simple baths

Sick of spending more in Lush than you do in the buttery? Let BEN DALTON sink you down into a pool of homemade delights…

I am bored of your preaching

JOSH SIMONS thinks we should be a little more careful before reeling off patronising, malign and preachy arguments.

This Froyo is hollow, just like my soul

Frozen yoghurt leaves JOE GOODMAN feeling empty, in more ways than one.

Bad Wolf: Naked Models Nabbed for Ball

Wolfson’s June Event will be showcasing raw talent this year in the form of naked models.

Jessica ‘Barry Cradshaw’ O’Driscoll – Have sex with envy

Rather than getting bogged down by our envy, JESSICA ‘BARRY CRADSHAW’ O’DRISCOLL recommends we exploit it for all its Hot Stuff…

Jessica 'Barry Cradshaw' O'Driscoll

Hunter Allen – Return of the bathroom

In his latest visual meditation on modern co-habitation, HUNTER ALLEN revisits that bathroom, that toilet and that boat. Keep your eyes peeled on the bathroom – marvelous things will happen.

A Townie Talks

Student-Townie PETER REES courageously reveals his dual identity to enlighten us about life beyond college walls.

Peter Rees

Jessica ‘Barry Cradshaw’ O’Driscoll – Week 3

Next on the whistle stop tour through the Seven Deadlies is Greed. JESSICA ‘BARRY CRADSHAW’ O’DRISCOLL indulges in money, Di Caprio and voluptuous tits.

Jessica 'Barry Cradshaw' O'Driscoll

Hunter Allen: Week 1

HUNTER ALLEN arrives in his first volumn. Today he responds to a comment from “Horny” asking him to show us his nips.

Tab Tries: Life Drawing

ADRIAN GRAY tries life drawing and doesn’t get an erection.

Students Strip down for Charity Calendar

LOUIS ROSS tells how YOU can get involved in the Charity Calendar that’ll be turning many a head this summer. Don’t miss out!

Louis Ross

Colleges Warn: Don’t be Seen at Jesus Green

A number of college Deans have emailed undergraduates, urging them to steer clear of Caesarian Sunday.

Caitlin Rozario and Will Pithers