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The best of the January sales to see you through every moment of your Lent term

From rowing camp to blind dates, we’ve got you covered

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As we drag ourselves out from hibernation over the holidays, abandoning the duvet nest, the over-worn and under-washed trackies of the festive period, the biscuit crumbs and the growing sense of trepidation as we remember our reading lists, like, exist, it becomes increasingly difficult to drum up any feelings of excitement at returning to uni. Another term of dead-eyed weekly crawls towards meaningless deadlines? Not particularly enticing.

Luckily, January is all about refreshing, embracing the new, and, most importantly of all – the sales. And if you're anything like me, the prospect of leaving the house becomes much more lucrative when faced with a new wardrobe of fresh finds to show off, especially when those finds are actually reasonably priced. And thus, let me take your hand and lead you through the best pieces to refresh not just your wardrobe, but (hopefully) your entire Lent term.

For forcing yourself to be active

The most prevalent New Year's Resolution, year after year, remains those which are fitness-based. And if you really are serious about 6am Jesus Green runs, post-lecture college gym workouts, or actually going to one of the sessions for that water polo team you signed up for in Freshers' Week, you're going to need some apparel-focused motivation…

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Perfect for showing up to rowing camp in (lol).

These capri leggings from Topshop via Beyoncé's sportswear brand, Ivy Park, are pretty and versatile, and a very tempting steal at only £7.

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This Onzie sports bra and matching leggings from ASOS are gorgeous – and as at home in your college gym as they will be at your first night back at Cindies (luckily, dancing counts as cardio – not sure if Jagerbombs count as protein shakes, though).

For your first blind date, courtesy of The Tab

If you haven't already applied to The Tab's Blind Date, go forth and find yourself a lover – and then get ready to start planning your first date outfit. Even if the date doesn't work out (which it will, because we're very good matchmakers here at Fashion & Lifestyle, and you will definitely find the love of your life, you're welcome), you'll want to be ready for your closeup on Tab TV.

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This jacquard skirt from ASOS will do all the talking, if you find conversation to be lacking. Pair with a simple, block-colour sweatshirt and trainers for a laid-back Hot Numbers date, or dress it up with a crop top and heels if you plan on going somewhere fancier (but bear in mind that because this is Cambridge, and we are all starving students, that place will probably be Cindies).

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To really drop a hint that you're not just looking for a quick fling, opt for this sunshine-yellow baring of your heart on your sleeve by Topshop. Okay, so it's not actually in the sale, but if you're really wanting to send a pointed message, while also looking really, really good, then this is the one.

For those indoor days spent desperately trying to meet a deadline

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Fluffy, pink, ridiculous, and cheap – the ideal recipe for that pre-deadline day where you must, finally, atone for your procrastination and actually do your work. Keep yourself cosy in these fleece joggers from H&M, and pair with the matching sweatshirt to ensure your gyp-mates know that you're looking good every time you sneak to the gyp for more coffee/discarded Bridgemas advent calendar chocolate/sources of procrastination.

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A blanket you can wear, which is also a rabbit, which is also fluffy and soft and warm? Do I even need to sell this ASOS Oysho slanket to you any further? The answer is no. You could feasibly even wear this to your first blind date, if you want your date to see the true inner you (probably not the best idea to wear to the gym, though).