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Join the Tab team for Lent 2018

Fame and glory await

This is not a drill. The time has come for you to join Cambridge's spiciest student publication. With by far the largest readership of any student publication in Cambridge, the Tab is the only place for you if you want your fellow Cantabs to see your talent as a writer.

We're Maxim and Lauren, next term's editors in chief, and we are really excited to get some new talent on board, as well as some familiar faces.

Get your hands on some sweet stash

Our stories not only reach a huge number of Cambridge students but are also shared nationally and even internationally. So if you've been reading the Tab this term and liked what you've seen, then we strongly encourage you to get involved and join next term's team by emailing a short application to [email protected]

We can offer you top notch banter and gossip, super socials and the opportunity to work with a dedicated and driven team to create relevant, very well read content.

All you need to do is email us with the following information:

– Your vision for the section you want to run.

– Your favourite and least favourite things about the Tab.

– Why we should choose you.

Don’t forget to add your college, subject, year of study and a contact number too. If you've got a piece of writing that you're particularly proud of then we'd love to give it a read to get an idea of your style.

Here are all the exciting positions you can apply for:

News Editors and News Writers

The Tab is consistently ahead of the competition when it comes to news, so your job is to seek out and write up the biggest stories. If you fancy knowing all the biggest gossip and having your writing shared nationally, this is the job for you.

Features Editor(s)

The features editors are responsible for the fun Tab we all know and love. If you think you're funny and relatable then we'd love to have you producing our signature content: Think "What X is your college?", "Cambridge's Biggest BNOCs" or "What's your college tinder bio?"

Opinions Editor(s)

The Tab may be known for its light-hearted content, but if you're interested in highlighting the big issues that affect Cambridge students day-to-day then this is the job for you. Indulge your love of argument in a socially acceptable manner and pick up top views on the way.

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

This is for a writer who ponders the biggest upcoming trends while sipping a flat white and sprinkling cayenne pepper onto their avo on toast. You'll have the power to decide who's the best dressed and which overpriced brunch really is the best. Stay fabulous.

Theatre Editor

If you love telling your friends everything you thought about the latest Corpus smoker then this is the rôle for you. Casts and directors will fear you as you walk into the theatre, free ticket in hand, ready to make or break reputations. Use this power wisely.

Investigations Editor

Investigations are arguably the spiciest side of Tab journalism. If you enjoy uncovering college dirt, surveying students about the big issues and sending countless FOIs to uncover incompetence this is the best way to do it.

Interviews Editor

We all know someone who's got 200+ likes on their profile pic because it's with a famous person. This is your chance to meet and chat with the biggest names that come to Cambridge, as well as to interview the most interesting members of the student body. Not one to miss out on.

Sport Editor

Whether it be a Varsity match report or "Tab tries pole dancing", it'll be your job to report on all things sport at Cambridge. If you fancy a seat in the press box at sports matches then this is the one to apply for.

TabTV Team

A sure-fire route to BNOCdom, if you fancy the whole of Cam knowing your face then look no further than TabTV. Ask startled students what they think of the big issues or explore Cambridge's best and worst rooms for Tab Cribs.

Alternatively, if you're interested in video and photography, apply to become Tab TV editor and be the power behind the camera.

Lifestyle Columnists

We’re looking for a Fashion Columnist, Food Columnist, Sex Columnist and Music Columnist. Hit us up with your niche interests.


The perfect way to introduce your writing to the world. Join us and share your weekly musings with thousands rather than just your closest friends. Fame and recognition await you!

Get your applications in by midnight Sunday 26th November. We really can't wait to meet you! As Paris Hilton says: "Life's short, take risks"