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The Tab // CUCFS Best Dressed

This week’s fashion highlights. Did you make the list?

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For this week's highly aniticpated edition of the Best Dressed list (I am sure you have been awaiting this next instalment all week with bated breath) we are in collabaration with the fabulous Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS) to bring to you a selection of some of Cambridge's most sartorially-aware students strutting their stuff around the lecture theatres, rather than on the catwalk.

David, 2nd year, Clare, Comp Sci

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Why not match your t-shirt to your course?

Evangeline, 1st year, Christ's, English

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Accessorise student-style with a practical but pretty notebook

Tega, 2nd year, King's, Economics

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Mollie, 2nd year, Girton, English

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We couldn't miss these fabulous trousers which provided some welcome colour to Sidge

Jack, 2nd year, Catz, Engineering

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Proving that you don't have to be an Arts student to be edgy

Phoebe, 2nd year, MML

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Emily, 2nd year, Land Ec

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Funky trousers for the win

Emma, 2nd year, studying English

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Beige doesn't get the credit it's due

Jed and Bez, part of the CUCFS Committee!

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Werk it

Disappointed to have missed out on this week’s Best Dressed, but think you have what it takes to strut your stuff on the big stage? CUCFS are holding auditions for models for the show THIS WEEKEND at The Gillespie Centre, Memorial Court, Clare College (click the link for the Facebook event).

Also come along to CUCFS’s launch party on November 16th in partnership with King’s Bunker and be among the first to find out about this year’s theme.