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The Tab // CUCFS Best Dressed

This week’s fashion highlights. Did you make the list?

Tab Meets: Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

MATILDA WATERS catches up with the brains behind The Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS)

Fashion’s Little Weight Problem

The unshakable obsession with the Size Zero.

Interview: Fashion Designer Peter Jensen

ELENA PALA chats with designer Peter Jensen.

Sunny Intervals

ANYA BURGON extols the joys of trooper chic: waterproof clothing that’s no longer frumpy or plastic.

Rich Bitch: Swimwear

Summer is almost upon us and according to Rich Bitch, this year’s must have theme is medieval…

Rich Bitch

This week Rich Bitch explains how Prada’s crystal mesh dresses are the perfect bop costume…

Rich Bitch

Meet Rich Bitch, the self-styled fashion guru meets Paris Hilton

Scuba style anyone?

Scuba style, leather shorts, frayed dresses? We take a look at the wacky trends of this season.

London Fashion Week: Catwalk Reports

London Fashion Week is over. Here’s what the Tab thought.

Prada Pigtails

We’re loving these Prada pigtails and think they could look good on you too…