News Column: Memeception and Trinity Tipples

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

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Gossip is in short supply. Cantabs have taken to hiding in libraries, bitching about the warm weather because they can’t enjoy it and therefore nobody else should be able to either. 

But worry not. The end is nigh. May Week calls with Pimms and prosecco aplenty, and luckily for us, students finally leaving their hovel and pursuing fun, alcohol-fuelled stupidity. For now, however, you will have to contend with the small joys we can get from life: meme pages and ‘news’ articles read in a procrastinated daze.


Following on from the meme craze of the past few terms, everybody now seems to have not only a college meme page, but a faculty one. One member of the History Faculty was alerted to his deification as a meme on Twitter, to which he replied “Wrong on so many levels”, but also admitted that he had found others on the meme page amusing. Now that lecturers are becoming self-aware of their status, all the fun is ruined.

Emma gets rich 

Walkers crisps have been doing a competition since April where you can win £5 in a packet of crisps, and it seems Emmanuel have got lucky. Their vending machines have run dry, after multiple people found cash in their snacks in one day.

Raking it in

Trinity Tipples 

We all know that Trinity likes to splash the cash – they have a wine tasting society with a budget bigger than most other college’s JCRs. But at a feast this week, apparently celebrating 700 years since the oldest part of college was built, they provided everyone with 1996 Chateau Latour. For those of you who aren’t experts in Champagne (I admit I had to google it) it can cost up to£1,500 a bottle. That is 300 bottles of Sainsburys own wine, or more than a termly allowance of Student Finance.

Did we really expect anything else?

Peacocking around

Duckbridge has taken Cambridge by storm, with one post attracting plenty of attention to a peacock in John’s. However, the most amusing part is not the peacock, but that Varsity, rather than accepting this may be a slow news term, decided it was worth a 400 word news story. Scraping the barrel indeed…

Only at John’s

Any interesting gossip? Is your faculty driving you mad? Have library wars gt just too intense? Let us know: [email protected]