Garbagegate: Homerton bops on the line after littering and damage

Still, not as bad as last time

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Following the return of their bops after a messy night last year, Homerton is yet again embroiled in bop scandal.

Homerton students have received an email from the HUS, revealing that “after the last bop, there was a huge amount of litter and significant damage done to the flower beds.”

The Homerton Union of Students – who were in charge of the reinstated bop – have been fined £500 by college to recover costs from the damage.

At least there’s the Potter formal

Students were advised to look after their friends and “behave responsibly” at the next bop, which is on Saturday in honour of Pink Week.

And while their bops have made the headlines more than once, Homerton aren’t the only college with a history of waste expulsion in strange places. In 2015, Queens’ bops were banned for a term after Lyon court was found in a state of disrepair.

Bridge to debauchery?

Caius college also had a bop cancelled in Michaelmas 2015 before debauchery could even ensue due to the rowdiness of an “army bop crawl.”

Let’s hope that last year’s bop ban wasn’t a total waste of time and that it doesn’t descend into chaos.