Gonville and Knees Up: Caius bop cancelled after raucous night out

Caius’ Freshers’ Bop this Saturday has been cancelled after “a large number of complaints and incidents last night”.

bar crawl Bop caius

Naughty freshers at Caius have had their bop cancelled after they had their “army pub crawl” last night.

GCSU President Harriet Barlett took to Hermes,  chiding students for their behaviour.

The cancellation is in retaliation for their antics last night – in which Caius’ freshers wreaked havoc (apparently) on Cambridge.

Guys pls we have our reputation to uphold.

Their “army pub crawl” began at 9.00pm last night. GCSU apparently had an inkling that things might get out of hand: they designated “welfare” students to take back drunk students in advance of the event.

Caius’ fun-loving student union.

The bar crawl had 10 people per group, each of whom paid £10 for the privilege of taking part. Some wore camouflage-coloured face paint. The leaders of each group were warned in advance not to pressure freshers into drinking.

The JCR President suggested a number of crazy challenges for the night, from marking their room number in permanent marker on their skin to collecting hair from each member of their group. We’re not surprised things got rowdy.

While the permanent marking of the room number is described as a challenge by the JCR President, the kind commenters in the Tab inform me it also has a welfare purpose.

This was on top of looking after an egg – and getting a forfeit if they lost it.


The army pub crawl has been a staple of the Caius freshers’ week calendar for years, although minutes from 2012 suggest it may have been banned by the college in the past.

St John’s is the traditional lads’ college. Are they now looking at competition from Caius?