VOMERTON: College bans bops after bodily fluids get out of hand

It was a messy night

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On 13th February, Homerton hosted a Bop to celebrate the launch of the Homerton June Event. What is usually a fairly innocent affair turned into a night of chaos after urine, vomit and excrement was found around the college.

As a result, the College has banned bops for the remainder of the academic year.

Damages totting up to four figures was caused after array of excrement was found in the residences and state-of-the-art teaching rooms.

This email was sent from the Homerton Bursar Deborah Griffin:

The Homerton Union of Student (JCR) sent out an emailing protesting the College’s decision to ban bops.

In the email, they said “We see this as collective punishment for isolated incidents caused by certain individual’s unacceptable behaviour and we believe that it is unfair that the whole student population is being punished for the actions of a minority.”

They continued, “As a student union we believe that the incidents do not reflect the bop-going community as a whole.”


One Homerton student and member of a drinking society expressed his disapproval, “[HUS] just wants to discourage drinking societies. This is annoying because I’m in one and I don’t destroy bathrooms. We’re not The Riot Club.”

As if all the excrement was not enough, one student also got deaned for climbing onto the balcony.

We heard rumours that they crowd-surfed

Vomerton joins a long line of colleges who have experienced the unpleasant phenomenon of  #poogate at their bops. Last term, Queens’ bops were cancelled after a trail of vomit and urine was found in Lyon Court, as well as faeces all over the toilets.

In 2012, after a Halloween-themed Bop, one inebriated student roamed around college and deposited poo and vomit all over the Fellows’ entrance to Queens’ buttery and the Fellows’ bathroom.

The theme of the Vomerton Bop was “The Great Unknown”. However some students left little to the imagination on the 13th.