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May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

Cultures should never be themes

Using Tokyo-to-Kyoto as a form of entertainment would have only furthered the growing insensitivity towards Asian cultures

Tit Hall change June Event theme after cultural appropriation controversy

Tokyo to Kyoto transformed into ‘The Metropolis’

Trinity Hall June Event: Lineup Revealed

Deep house star Route 94 is topping a bill that includes acclaimed underground DJ Hunee and traditional Japanese Taiko drummers.

VOMERTON: College bans bops after bodily fluids get out of hand

It was a messy night

EXCLUSIVE: UK chart topper to headline Jesus May Ball

Oh Jesus! 

EXCLUSIVE – Kings Affair AND Peterhouse May Ball headliner revealed

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

TAB EXCLUSIVE – First Pembroke headliner revealed


Bad Wolf: Naked Models Nabbed for Ball

Wolfson’s June Event will be showcasing raw talent this year in the form of naked models.

The Insider Week 1: Drinking soc smash up and cows in the Cam

Welcome to our brand new column, revealing all the gossip and untold tales from inside the Bubble.

Tit Hall’s Status Leaving Others Chasing

OJ Watson investigates the truth behind Chase & Status’ booking at Tit Hall’s June Event.

Catz June Event 2013

LAUREN CHAPLIN and MOLLIE WINTLE enjoy this rather less spectacular but equally fun June Event to round off May Week 2013.

May Ball Blog 2013

Leaks, line-ups and rumours: you’ll find it all here in the The Tab’s May Ball Blog 2013.

Selwyn Snow Ball

The cold, the queues – the cut throat shaves? Not everything was your standard winter ball at Selwyn this Bridgemas…

Catz Drop the Ball

College cancels May Ball, the third year that Catz will go without.

Wolfson June Event

Cärlchen Jupp is blown away by Wolfson June Event. Any takers for next year?

King’s Affair

EDWARD TAN is a little bummed-out by King’s Affair. It’s a bad case of the 3am ball blues.

Homerton June Event

TOMMY SHANE reviews the June Event everyone’s been talking about.

Pembroke June Event

HARRY SHUKMAN is happy with Pembroke June Event, excluding the verbal abuse from the sexy Jägermeister mistresses.

Clare May Ball

BEN DALTON and MICHAEL FREEDMAN review Clare May Ball and its amazing smoked salmon.