Such a shitstorm: Queens’ bans all bops after accommodation left in vomit-stained state

First Caius, now Queens’ – who next?

Bop Queens' shitstorm

After last year’s poodunnit, Queens’ students are in the dock once more after the college BANNED all bops for the rest of term.

Senior staff at Queens have punished students in response to their boozy antics during the Subject Bop last Friday night.

Queens’ students have left a trail of carnage, including a visibly vomit- and urine-stained Lyon Court, from last Friday’s bop.

A nervous JCR committee are believed to have warned students the morning after night before, when Queens Ent president Tara Lee sent out an email on Saturday afternoon. She told students that ‘bouncers were very taken aback’ by their behaviour in the ‘bar and bop area’.

It is understood that the JCR were hoping the College would issue a final warning to students but such optimism has proved misplaced.

The JCR held talks with the college and are believed to have suggested measures to control students at future bops, such as a fines system and even a safe zone for students that would be staffed by the Christian Union.

These headlines are from 2012: Queens’ have had a bit of a bop problem for a while now

The Gods, however, had cast their judgement and on Wednesday evening, JCR President Jessica Tray told students: ‘Unfortunately bops are cancelled for the rest of term.’

Varsity have reported that a student was ‘taken away in an ambulance’ while students are also alleged ‘to have vomited and urinated in Lyon Court’.

It is the latest in a series of right royal scandals at Queens.

Earlier this year, there was a shitstorm when a cubicle was left covered in poo by a rogue student in Cripps Court.


And if you hadn’t turd enough already, this latest controversy comes almost three years to one of Queen’s most infamous debacles.

At Halloween 2012, one student’s drunken roam around the college ended up with poo (yes, poo again) and vomit being spewed all over the Fellows’ entrance to Queens’ buttery and the Fellows’ bathroom.

Another ‘lad’ college to add to the growing list?